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Historic sights await us in the eastern US.
Historic sights await us in the eastern US.
Crossing Canada US border begins another chapter in our Great North American RV Tour. The plan is to travel south ahead of winter weather visiting many historic cities such as Boston, New York City, Washington, DC etc.
The east coast of Canada and the US are full of historic places, many opportunities to explore the first areas settled in North America. Our route also takes to other famous cities such as Nashville and Memphis, Tennesee.
Our goal is to camp for free, ‘Boondockers Welcome’ provides a great way to save on camping, meet other RVers and get advice about local attractions. Boondockers Welcome is an organization for fellow RVer that host other RVers on their property.
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Our destination for the winter is Florida and a warm winter, the first time in our lives.
The drive south along the east coast is exciting but also presents challenges. Traffic can be horrendous, some of the busiest highways in North America are in the eastern US. In fact, interstate 95 is described as the busiest.
Driving a 60-foot rig is challenging at the best of times, add heavy traffic mixed with semis and the stress level climbs. A good way to avoid some of the stress when traveling freeways or interstates is to travel in the second lane from the right thus avoiding moving over to make room for merging traffic.
I’m sure we all have experienced merging traffic and drivers who don’t check their merging options until it’s almost too late creating a high-stress situation for you and him.
Another way to avoid the heaviest traffic is to skirt the cities when possible, many North American cities have belt roads, ring roads or bypass roads which avoid the downtown core traffic.
Another way we plan to avoid city traffic is camping outside of the major centers and use commuter trains and public transit to take us into town to enjoy the sights.
We cross the US border from Canada October 6, 2017, at St. Stephen, New Brunswick. We must cross back into Canada no longer than 6 months from October 6.
The following is our US itinerary. The first column is the date we arrive at our destination and the date we leave. Next is our departure point and destination followed by the driving time, next is the name of the RV park or free camping destination. Last is our transportation method and activities.
Oct. 7-9 – Oxford to Bellingham, Massachusetts – 3 hrs – Circle CG Farms RV Park – 3hrs. Commuter train to Boston
Oct. 10 -16 –  Bellingham, Massachusetts to Croton Point State Park – 3 hrs – Commuter train to New York City – Central Park, Empire State Building, Statin Island Ferry ,(statue of Liberty) Twin Towers Monument, Time Square, Brooklin Bridge Walk
Oct. 17- 22 – Croton Point State Park to Shady Pines RV Park near Atlantic City, New Jersey 4hrs – Explore Atlantic City and commuter train to Philadelphia.
Oct. 23 – 26 – Shady Pines RV Park to Cherry Hill RV Park, Maryland –  4.5 hrs – Explore Washington DC and Baltimore.
Oct. 26 – Nov. 2 – Cherry Hill RV Park to Croatan National Forest, North Carolina – Neuse River Campground –  week rest
Nov. 2 – Neuse River Campground to Greensboro, North Carolina highway 40– Pleasant Garden State Park – 5 hrs – 1 night
Nov. 3 – Pleasant Garden State Park, North Carolina to Fire Fox Campground, Hartford, Tennessee – highway 40 – 5 hrs – 1 night. Drive through the Smoky Mountains.
Nov. 4 – 8 – Hartford to Watertown, Tennessee, Boondocker Host, Bob – 4 hrs. – 1 hr. drive to Nashville
Nov. 8 – 9 – Watertown to Memphis, Tennessee – T.O. Fuller State Park – 6 miles to Graceland.
Nov. 10 – Memphis, Tennessee to Ariton, Alabama, boodocker host – 7 hrs – 1 night
Nov. 11 – Ariton, Alabama to Old Town, Florida – Old Town RV Park – 4.5 hrs 1 night
Nov. 12 – Old Town to Spring Hill, Florida – Boondockers- 5 hrs. – 1 night.
Nov. 13 – 15 – Spring Hill to Clewiston, Florida – Crooked Hook RV Resort – 4 hrs – 3 nights
Nov. 16 – 30 – Clewiston, to Key Largo, Florida – Key Largo Kampground – 3 hrs.
Nov. 30 – Jan 17 –  Key Largo to Clewiston, Florida – 3 hrs – The gang flies home back to BC for Christmas –  Lynda and I stay 7 weeks at Crooked Hook RV Resort. During this time we will finalize our route west from Florida.
Jan. 18 – 25 -Clewiston, Florida to Spring Hill, Florida – Booncocker host – 3.5 hrs.
Jan. 25 – Feb. 2 – boondocker hosts in south Florida (yet to be determined
Feb 2 – 9 –  to Panama City, Florida – St. Andrews State Park
Feb. 9 – 13 -Panama City, Florida to New Orleans, Louisiana – 5 hrs – Marti Gras

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The Route across the southern US is yet to be determined, I’ve provided a general outline which will probably change.
New Orleans to Huston Tx. – 5 hrs
Houston TX. to El Paso TX –  11 hrs
EL Paso TX to Phoenix Az. – 7 hrs
Phoenix Az to Langley BC – 26 hrs.
In my next article, we begin traveling “Our Great North American RV Tour”.


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