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It’s late August and the summer sun is beginning to sleep more, the days are getting shorter, and the air is cooler, fall is coming. Another season will be upon us before we know it.

Fall is one of our favorite times of year to take a trip in our RV and camp. Early fall, after the yard apes, ankle biters, and rug rats have headed back to school, is a great time to enjoy some peace and quiet.

There is plenty of room in the RV/camping grounds and the rates have switched to off season. Many of the summer time exhibits, activities and parks are still open, the weather is good and the crowds have thinned out.

As fall approaches another bonus, most campfire bans have been lifted adding to the ambiance of our camping experience. There is nothing like a campfire and a glass of your favorite beverage on cool evenings to relax the mood.



For our fall camping trip we generally pick a spot close to home and take the fishing rods. The fishing usually gets better as the day time temperatures cool the sun is less intense so the water temperature also cools.

In our area fishing has been banned in the streams and rivers due to inadequate snow pack from last winter.  Low water levels and warmer than usual water temperatures, have caused unusual stress on our water bound friends.

We need the fall rains to kick in to swell the streams and rivers, the fish will become more active and easier to catch. A fresh caught fish in the pan over an open fire is a treat only few enjoy. Check out this link for some trout recipes.

Moon Phases

the moon

Fishing success is directly related to fish feeding times. Fishing according to moon phases has become more popular in recent years. Several theories exist about the relationship between fish and the moon, it may be related in some way to the moon’s gravitational pull, which also controls ocean tides.

The closer to a new moon on the calendar, the better the fishing should be. There are many free downloadable apps available, to help with your fishing times.

A buddy neighbor was the first to turn me on to the Lunar fishing app. It was amazing, he phoned and asked if I wanted to go fishing. He said we need to be on the lake by 12:30 and the fishing would be good till 2:45.

I was game, I hadn’t been fishing for several weeks. All the while I’m thinking, “another gimmick”, but its always nice to be on the water whether you catch something or not.

We maneuvered his boat into the lake from the tiny lagoon where he moored it. We dropped our lines in the water the perfect time was approaching 12:15. I watched the time and just after 12:30 it was like someone rang the lunch bell, the bite was on.

All was great for part of an hour and then a dark cloud drifted overhead and the rain started. We pulled in our lines and headed to the other end of the lake, dropped our lines in. 15 minutes passed and it happened again – the bite was on, we were both catching fish one after the other.

Just as the bite had started on time it finished the same, even though we fished longer the bite stopped before 3 pm. My first experience with moon phase fishing. As soon as I got home I downloaded the app. Since that experience a couple of years ago, fishing according to the lunar phases has been fairly consistent although not quite the same as that time with my Buddy.

Along with the streams and rivers most trails in urban areas have been closed through summer. Lower than normal rainfall has caused the fire danger rating to climb to extreme levels. A friend of mine called the other day frustrated, his family’s favorite hiking trails were closed. I recommended some other trails higher in the mountains.

The fall is definitely a more relaxing time to enjoy a camping trip. Cooler weather promotes outdoor activities, hiking and other strenuous activities are more enjoyable, especially with less people encountered on the trails.

With the return of the hordes to the cities and the cooling temperatures make for better chances of spotting some of the magnificent wild creatures that inhabit our lands. Animals tend to be more active during the cooler quieter times of the day or night.

Our Lake
Missezula Lake, Our home

In our rural area wild animals are noticeably more active in the fall after the summer vacationers have left. July and August are the busiest time at our lake but once the Labor Day weekend passes peace returns to our quiet hamlet. In fact we have an annual tradition, a tail light party on the afternoon of labor day to say so long (good riddance) to the summer people.


There are many theories about hunting according to moon phases. Most seasoned hunters are in agreement that during times of a full moon and clear skies creatures are more active at night and less active during the day. With the light of the moon they will hunt and eat more at night and sleep during the day. So its not just the werewolves that are out during a full moon.

Deer especially seem to be more active mid-day during a full moon. During the other moon phases animals seem to revert to a regular pattern of activity at day break and dusk. Click here to check out this excellent hunting book The Total Deer Hunter Manual.

Other Activities

ATVing in the fall is much more enjoyable than mid summer, not as much traffic and dust. The cooler temperatures also make for a more enjoyable tour. Click here to check out ATV tours, there may be one for your area.


This seems to be one of the fastest growing sports. It’s great fun and fairly inexpensive to start. It doesn’t take a high level of skill or a high level of physical fitness. You can paddle at your own pace, fast for a good upper body workout or slow for a relaxing scenic cruise. There are inexpensive Kayaks for the beginner or more expensive models, Click here to check out Kayaks and accessories.

Fall is a great time to camp and travel, a slower pace and less crowded. 

For your convenience I have compiled a comprehensive list of equipment and items you may need for your RV and camping travels, complete with product  links, click here to check out my list & links.


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  1. Good article! I didn’t know about the moon phases affecting hunting but it stands to reason! (As it seemes to bring out the animal in a lot of people ) (not that there is anything wrong with that 😀

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