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Alamo Lake, Arizona – Snowbird Travels

Adopting the Snowbird lifestyle has been one of the best decisions Lynda and I have made since retiring. Leaving the winter behind makes retirement just that much better. The Arizona winter weather is great, sunshine almost every day, cool nights and desert dry warm days. Even in the dead of winter the temperature seldom drops to freezing and if it does once the sun crests the distant hills the air warms quickly to t-shirt weather. Spending the entire winter or even a month or two in the southwest Read more [...]

Squaw Lake, SoCal – Found???

This is the third installment of the ordeal of our neighbors in the Colorado River, click here if you would like to read the previous articles. After the conversation with the Deputy and the gruesome indication our neighbors had been lost in the river …… nothing was left for us but to try and put this terrible tragedy behind us. Why did the helicopter leave the search, was it true our neighbors had not survived their terrible ordeal in the dark cold waters of the Colorado river. We Read more [...]