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Day 2 – Visiting Nashville, Tennessee – Our Great North American RV Tour

Sunday, November 5 – Day 68 After the long drive, the previous day and a late night at the Grand Ole Opry a day of rest was in order. The cloudy morning sky soon passed allowing the sun to warm the cool morning air to a humid 80-degrees. Bob, our 'Boondocker Welcome' host dropped by for a morning visit, we picked his brain about Watertown activities and restaurants. He recommended the Mexican restaurant for dinner mainly because they allow a brown bag of spirits. He also mentioned a Sunday Read more [...]

Nashville, Tennessee – Our North American RV Tour

Saturday, November 4 – Day 67 The morning brought cool temperatures and the sun trying to burn through the heavy mist. Our destination today is another 'Boondockers Welcome' host in Watertown Tennesse, about an hour drive west of Nashville. We delayed our departure an hour from FireFox Campground in the Smokey Mountains, according to the news dense fog and zero visibility was waiting for us in the valleys of Tennessee. Time for another cup of coffee and a photo op before the day’s drive. An Read more [...]