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RV Travels – From Bad to Worse.

I think everyone who hits the road whether in a vehicle or an RV have had experiences that are very memorable and some that should be forgotten. In this article I have taken a look back over our years of RVing to recount some of our experiences. As with most experiences on the road they are usually accompanied by a moral to the story. I hope you enjoy them. Thems Da Brakes Lynda and I were looking forward to our first trip south with our brand new 36' travel trailer. We had only spent a couple Read more [...]

RV/Camping – Live & Learn

  Traveling North America in an RV is a great adventure, my wife and I have been enjoying RV traveling for the past 8 years. Even though we travel for several months a year we haven't put a dent in our travel plans yet. RV traveling is tiring so a couple of days on the road is enough. You need to stop and smell the roses as they say. We find a place to set up camp for a week or two. Two to three weeks seems to be our limit in one place. Our first trips 8 years ago were very enjoyable Read more [...]