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Our Great North American RV Tour – On the Road

Tuesday, August 29 – Day 1 Our long-awaited departure date is finally here, we left our home in Princeton BC Canada at 7:20 am……hurrah. Unfortunately, a slight delay, Lynda requires a follow-up visit to the dentist. Another problem our dog Buddy seems to be under the weather, he has not crapped in a couple of days, not like him. After a discussion on the way to town we agreed a stop at the vet to have him checked was wise. We walked into the vet's office just as the receptionist unlocked Read more [...]

Our Pacific Coast RV Trip – Day 6 – The Road From Hell.

Day 6 - the sun rose to a beautiful day with blue skies and a mist covering the Eel River Valley below the Bear River Casino. We enjoyed morning coffee outside in the paved parking lot next to our rigs, followed by a light breakfast and back on the road at 9 am. It seems everyone was anticipating some warmer weather and a break from the rain. The mist we saw from the casino was in our path, although thick at times it didn’t slow us much. The 101 turned inland through Humboldt Redwood Read more [...]