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Buying an RV – Which Model is Right for You? Part 1.

  Okay so you're considering the RV lifestyle, buying an RV for vacations or weekends. Maybe becoming a Snowbird is your plan or just maybe you're considering becoming a full time RVer. What a way to live, I am jealous. My wife and I enjoy RVing even after more than 40 years of RV travel, we camp at our local lakes and travel to the other side of the continent in our RV. After owning every kind of RV from the smallest to the largest, we have discovered the advantages and disadvantages Read more [...]

This Week’s RV Product.

This Week's Special Products.   Each week I focus on a couple of RV products or accessories  we use. Navagation   A good map book is essential while traveling, we have found this brand to be the best, great detail for highways and off the grid.     Along with a map book a GPS is vital, you know this if you have ever come to a dead end and need to turn around. One time I had to back onto someone's lawn in a cul-de-sac.   We have had our Garmin Read more [...]

RV & Camping Accessories & Equipment

Christmas and New Years have come and gone, now is the time for many retirees to gear up and head south in their RVs. Leave the cold for some fun in the sun. For the rest of us its the beginning of a new year, spring is just around the corner for some areas, for others it may be a while yet. Never the less it is time to start getting ready for the RV - camping season. We have researched many types of RV accessories and equipment,  below is the most popular and best selling products. Read more [...]

RV Products & Accessories

When you purchase an RV especially your first, you will soon realize they are not all inclusive...... like some resorts. They do not come with all things you need to make your travels comfortable and more enjoyable. In this article I suggest many RV products and services, many of them we use, some we don't, no one needs everything. You can feel confident that these products or services are of good quality and operate as expected.  Amazon.com or Amazon.ca I use Amazon products frequently I Read more [...]