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A Special Gift for RVers

Hi, welcome to my RV Travel website. Lynda and I are avid RV travelers. Since retiring, more than 10 years ago we've enjoyed many tours throughout North America. Our RV travels have taken us from our home in southern British Columbia, Canada north to Alaska, south to Mexico and east to Texas and Florida enjoying many sights and experiences along the way.  In recent years Lynda and I took up traveling with close friends, we continue to travel as a group. Traveling with others adds another Read more [...]

MY New RV Kindle Books – from $4.99

OUR RV TRAVEL TALES The Best RV Book of the Year     " Suspense"  "Thrilling"  "Hilarious" "This book will keep you glued to your chair" "I was riveted,  I missed my bus stop," writes Laurie from Princeton. "Amazing stories,"  writes Marcia from RV Magazine. "Wow what a writer," says Lynda from Missezula Lake .                 A Book of this quality normally sells for 5 Times this price, Get Your Copy Today on Sale the post publishing price of Just $4.99.      Read more [...]