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Our North American RV Tour – Toronto & Niagara Falls

Saturday, September 9 – Day 12 We left Dorchester, Ontario and Allyson’s cousins Mike and Kathy about 9:30 under light winds and sunny skies. Our journey today is only 140 km to the next destination so we decided to try the secondary roads and stay off the freeways. The freeways are crazy around Toronto six to eight lanes of vehicles traveling bumper to bumper at speeds over the posted limit, making our home city of Vancouver’s rush hour seem like a donkey race. A side jaunt to a cold Read more [...]

Our North American RV Tour – Getting Ready

Getting Ready Everyone is well aware that any kind of trip requires preparation whether it be a quick weekend trip or an around the world tour. Our trip, although not around the world probably takes almost as much preparation maybe even more. Traveling in an RV for 7 months takes a great deal of preparation and planning especially when 6 individuals are involved. Of course, the RVs need attention to avoid or eliminate breakdowns. Fortunately, our group's RVs are travel trailers which require Read more [...]

Our Pacific Coast RV Trip – Day 1

We met on 264th st. south off 16 ave as was the plan, and proceeded across the US border, all went well, if not breathing for an hour while waiting for each of our fellow RVers to cross, going well then life is good. What a relief. Next stop Wally world in Bellingham, Wash. for groceries and beverages. I was informed after shopping that this particular Walmart is not top of the line, it lacks variety in certain areas according to our female contingent, it was great for us men, but a bit confusing, Read more [...]