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Overnighters – Free Places to Stop

My last article on overnight parking at Walmart created a flood of emails and comments and many of you said that there was other places to spend the night free. As I said in my last article it rubs me the wrong way to spend more that $20 to park for a night just to grab a few hours sleep. If we are planning a trip for more than a weekend, an overnight stop or two is usually on our agenda. When a trip is planned I think all of us like to leave as soon as possible, no matter what time Read more [...]

Walmart – Overnight Parking

Walmart is the largest retailer in the world and also the largest unofficial chain of campgrounds in the world although no hookups. We travel from Canada to the Mexican border every year and Walmart is one of our first options for an overnight stop, not only because it is free but also we can stock up on groceries and anything else we may need along the way. Walmart always has a huge parking lot so it is easily navigated and a spot is always waiting. Some Walmart have posted signs discouraging Read more [...]