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Our Snowbird RV Tour – Day 25 – Imperial Dam

Day 24 After Mike and I attempted an unsuccessful fishing excursion to Squaw Lake, rain began to fall. We not only did not catch any fish we had to row the entire time because my small motor would not start. Once back at camp I checked out the motor, the trouble appeared to be a clogged fuel filter. With rain falling it was a good opportunity for a trip to town to pick up parts for the outboard, refuel the trucks and refill propane tanks. Yuma propane ranges from $2.20 to $2.70 per gal. Because Read more [...]

Our Fall RV Trip – Squaw Lake, S. Colorado River

Squaw Lake is located about 15 miles north of Yuma, Arizona on the California side of the Colorado River. It is part of an irrigation reservoir system for the Yuma valley. Yuma grows over 90% of lettuce consumed by the US. We arrived late afternoon, the sun was warm pushing the temperature to the upper 70’s. The area around Squaw lake allowed for nice views, although the dry camping spots were positioned side by side on pavement bordered by a concrete curb , if not for the lake it would Read more [...]