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Heading to the Florida Keys – Our North American RV Tour

Wednesday, November 15 – Day 78 Another sunny humid day greeted Lynda and I as we poked our heads out of the trailer. The A/C ran most of the night waking me several times. The high humidity covered everything with heavy dew as if a summer storm had passed during the night. The palm tree towering over our trailer shedded huge droplets of dew through the morning. It has been three and a half months since we left our homes in the northwest, needless to say, my exercise program has been non-existent Read more [...]

Old Town, Spring Hill & Crooked Hook RV Resort – Florida

Sunday, November 12 – Day 75 We woke to partly cloudy skies and warm temperatures, a pleasant morning as we prepared to continue our journey south............ deeper into Florida. We pulled out of Old Town RV Park around 10 am, today’s drive should be short, about 2 hrs to Spring Hill, Florida and our next boondocker host the Katz family. Shortly after pulling onto the highway Henry broke radio silence, his truck was overheating. He pulled off the highway into a vacant lot beside a gas station. Read more [...]