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Our Pacific Coast RV Trip

Our Rig[/caption] Lynda and I retired almost 10 years ago. One of of the fantastic benefits of being retired is your time is your own and you may spend it as you wish. After retirement one of  our bucket items was to travel more, see more of the world. As you know for most of us a full time job limits vacation time. For Lynda and I this was a very real issue. Having my own business limited my vacations to 2 weeks or less and most years just a week. No one was Read more [...]

RV Travels – From Bad to Worse.

I think everyone who hits the road whether in a vehicle or an RV have had experiences that are very memorable and some that should be forgotten. In this article I have taken a look back over our years of RVing to recount some of our experiences. As with most experiences on the road they are usually accompanied by a moral to the story. I hope you enjoy them. Thems Da Brakes Lynda and I were looking forward to our first trip south with our brand new 36' travel trailer. We had only spent a couple Read more [...]

Our 2015 spring trip south – 2nd leg

We crossed the border without incident if you don’t count Mr. Grumpy, as no incident, he demanded that I remove my sun glasses, where was our ID, I guess he wanted to see my beautiful eyes. Oh and, “what is the license number of your trailer”. I hadn’t a clue so out I got and hustled to the back of the trailer, to retrieve the license number, I am sure the other border crossers to the rear were thinking, ”rooky”. My navigator explained after we left Mr.Grumpy that she said, “you Read more [...]