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The RV Buyers Guide

It's spring, some of us are considering investing thousands in an RV. Before you take the plunge educate yourself with the "RV Buyers Guide". For the price of a special coffee, download in seconds. Read how 40 years of owning RVs will help you decide which RV model is right for you. Download in seconds from Amazon. Choosing an RV is a complicated task, there are so many models and sizes to choose from. If you have never owned an RV the task could be confusing and frustrating. Lynda and Read more [...]

Buying an RV – Which Model is Right for You? Part 1.

  Okay so you're considering the RV lifestyle, buying an RV for vacations or weekends. Maybe becoming a Snowbird is your plan or just maybe you're considering becoming a full time RVer. What a way to live, I am jealous. My wife and I enjoy RVing even after more than 40 years of RV travel, we camp at our local lakes and travel to the other side of the continent in our RV. After owning every kind of RV from the smallest to the largest, we have discovered the advantages and disadvantages Read more [...]

RVs – Whats New for 2015

We are still at our park model in Arizona and the temperature is starting to climb into the 90’s with beautiful sunshine every day. We just visited some friends who recently moved to the Phoenix valley from Flagstaff where the summers are much cooler than here. They are a little concerned about the summer temperatures especially when it jumps into the 120 degree range. Their plan is to rise early to take care of any chores before it turns crazy hot. Not much can be accomplished during Read more [...]