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Our Alaska RV Tour – Kinaskan Lake – Day 6

To read our Alaska RV Tour from the beginning click here. Day 6 - The Drive to Kinaskan When I woke the next morning at Rainey Creek Campground it seemed dark in the camper, as though the sky was socked in. Before we left home I cut cardboard covers for the camper windows to keep out the morning light. I can't sleep once daybreak comes. I pulled the curtain back and realized it was the dense foliage of the old growth forest canopy keeping the sunshine out. The campground is picturesque Read more [...]

Our RV Alaska Trip – Destination Hyder, Alaska

Day 5 - Sunset Lake, BC to Hyder, Alaska  Before I continue I must apologize to my readers for the delay of this article, I did not anticipate the lack of available internet on our journey.  Sometimes staying at free BC rec site, such as Sunset Lake, with no host or management and close to a town the locals use it as a party place. This Friday night was one of those occasions of loud music and boisterous voices. The noise woke me several times through the night, at one point one of Read more [...]