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Our Alaska RV Tour – The Top of the World Highway

Day 17  - Top of the World Highway This morning marks the halfway point of our trip and today we could reach the most northerly point of our travels. After the midnight northern lights show and the clear night I was not surprised to see a blanket of frost on our vehicles. Minus 2 C (28 f) with low cloud/fog. We prepared to depart Gold Rush RV park for The Top of the World Highway and  Alaska. This day’s destination is Chicken, Alaska, for a two-night stay. As we prepared our rigs for the Read more [...]

Alaska RV Tour – Kinaskan Lake to Boya Lake

Kinaskan lake, BC. Note to my readers my comment section has been repaired, feel free to leave comments at the bottom of the articles. If you would like to read about our Alaska RV tour from the beginning please click here. Day 8 – Kinaskan lake The day began with heavy rain. Peeking out the camper door I could see conditions would not improve in the next few hours so I decided to stay indoors and catch up on these articles. Everyone else was also slow to appear. So far our tour has Read more [...]

Our Alaska RV Tour – Kinaskan Lake – Day 6

To read our Alaska RV Tour from the beginning click here. Day 6 - The Drive to Kinaskan When I woke the next morning at Rainey Creek Campground it seemed dark in the camper, as though the sky was socked in. Before we left home I cut cardboard covers for the camper windows to keep out the morning light. I can't sleep once daybreak comes. I pulled the curtain back and realized it was the dense foliage of the old growth forest canopy keeping the sunshine out. The campground is picturesque Read more [...]

Alaska RV Trip – Dragon Lake – Day 2

Henry and Allyson still had issues with their air bags on the rear of their truck. Apparently, the installation was less than perfect and the new bags were leaking through the old connections. A quick trip to Big O tire in 100 Mile House solved the problem and we were on our way to Quesnel and Dragon lake for a couple of fishing days. It quickly became evident that our new traveling communication system, CB radios, was not perfect. Ralph installed a radio in his truck while Henry and I Read more [...]

Alaska – Planning Our Fall RV Tour

  Lynda and I have never been to Alaska, so when our friends and travel companions Henry and Allyson expressed an interest in an Alaska tour during a happy hour social last spring we jumped at the chance to travel with them. Ralph and Lois were also delighted with the idea and so began the planning of our tour to Alaska. Allyson took on the task of plotting our route. My job was to make RV park reservations, I was hoping with a sales pitch about being an RV travel Read more [...]