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Our Alaska RV Tour – Day 24 – Muncho Lake to Bucking Horse River

 Day 24 – Muncho Lake to Fort Nelson BC Another traveling day after a great couple of days fishing, exploring and relaxing at Muncho Lake. Not much to pack up this morning, the evening before happy hour we packed and stowed most our gear to facilitate an easy departure. All that remained was a few items, camping chairs, left over wood, ax, etc. Morning showers fell as we prepared to leave. The weather is deteriorating, a good time to leave Muncho Lake. No regrets, the weather cooperated during Read more [...]

Our Alaska RV Tour – Return to Whitehorse

Day 18 - Return to Whitehorse Traveling in a camper compels one to feel closer to nature and the elements, maybe too close. A grunt in the night, the howls of a distant coyote pack or the screech of a mountain lion can bolt a person out of a peaceful slumber.  Even the sound of rain falling on the roof can disrupt a peaceful sleep like my night at Snag Junction. Rain pounding on the camper roof woke me often. During my semi-conscious state in my cozy bed I dreamed of the Klondike gold rush Read more [...]