Spring 2015 – Our Route Home

Us dry camping in Cottonwood Az.

We are almost home. We have made a stop in Langley where most of our children and grand children live. It will be nice to see them after 2 months. We will head home to Princeton probably Sunday morning and arrive noonish. Our trailer will stay in Langley at our daughter’s property, leaving it there gives us a place to stay when we come to visit without intruding on our kids.

Wickenburg 1
Wickenburg, Az

The trip home was perfectly uneventful. We left Surprise, Az. Sunday morning traveled north west on hwy 60 to Wickenburg and then hwy 93 to hwy 40 to Kingman Az. and 93 again north across the bridge at the Hoover dam. It’s definitely worth it to take time to stop for the tour of the dam and bridge.

Hoover dam Bridge
Hoover Dam with the new bridge in the for ground

The bridge doesn’t look like much but from the under side it is quite something.

From here we take hwy 166 & 169 through Lake Mead Recreational Area. My friend Wayne recommended this route. It’s a good side trip especially if you are not interested in stopping in Las Vegas and winning your fortune…..? It also eliminates the heavy traffic of Vegas.

Wild horses on the Lake Mead Road

The route is very scenic and a pleasant drive, you will pass the entrance to the Valley of Fire State Park where you can camp and enjoy the sunset as the hills look like they are on fire from the setting sun. Definitely worth the stop at least once.

Valley of Fire
After the Valley of Fire you can continue toward Overton,Nv. There is dry camping about 4 miles before Overton, you can’t miss this popular spot with camping on both sides of the road. There is room for several hundred Rvs.

Dry camping south of Overton……..our next rig.

We camped here for the night and the next day continued to hwy 15,  from here we took the 3 mile jaunt south and then took hwy 168 NW to hwy 93.

Jackpot Nev.

From here north to Ash Springs, you can continue on hwy 93, “a scenic drive”, or a few miles past we took a shorter route, hwy 318 to Ely, back on hwy 93 to Jackpot where we spent the night at Cactus Pete’s Casino for $18, or you can spend the night in the parking lot, although semis park there with their reefers running.
I was a big winner in the casino, I think I won enough to cover Lynda’s loses, dinner at the buffet and our camping, better than a poke in the eye with sharp stick, was my thought.
I enjoy this route home, from Surprise Az. to Twin Falls, Idaho, although it’s only two lanes.

Nevada Map
Our route on hwy 93 from Vegas area through Ely Nev.

A good road with very little traffic and faster than the alternatives, although it does pass through some high country above Ely, and you can expect frost or even snow in the winter, fall and early spring, so check the weather before you leave.
The next morning we woke to frost, a nice fresh morning a nice break from the heat of the desert.

Wild Horse Casino

We continued north to Twin Falls, Idaho and then hwy 84 west to Pendleton, Oregon and the Wild Horse Casino, and no I didn’t try my luck, too tired, neither of us slept well the night before, Lynda thinks the food had too much MSG or something, it couldn’t have been the beer, wine and drinks?

Wild Hose Casino 1
Wild Horse Casino, Pendleton Or


It rained through the night and the wind blew, again not conducive to a good nights sleep,. From here hwy 84 and then north on hwy 82 through Washington State and the hwy 90 over the mountains and more rain then to I-5 north and home.

The Cost
Us dry camping for the night just south of Overton, Nev.

In the end the trip was about 5000 miles including several side trips while staying in our park model in Surprise Az.. We spent about $1100.00 US on diesel fuel, for our 2004 Chev. Silverado 3500 Duramax 6.6 liter pulling a 8800 lb. 36’ trailer. The bonus on the trip was we dry camped most of the time and only spent $40 on Rv parks and both of those were traveling to and from Arizona. We could have easily spent at least another $1800.00 over the 2 months we were gone on camping. Of course to dry camp you need a generator or solar system in order to keep your batteries charged.

I hope you enjoyed this article I would love to read any comments or suggestions.

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Home Sweet Home, its nice to travel but there is nothing like home


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