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Your recreational vehicle isn’t just a leisure vehicle—it’s also a significant investment. Proper care and maintenance can help your RV perform better and will also save costly expenses and repairs in the long run. But what does a routine RV maintenance schedule look like? We asked Premier Coach Works, one of Arizona’s most reputable RV repair shops, for their take on some different ways to enjoy your vehicle longer—and protect your investment in the process.
Regular maintenance for ordinary passenger vehicles is a imperative, and the same goes for RVs. Sure, your RV dwarfs your other vehicles, but don’t let the sheer size deceive you—no RV is indestructible. Small problems can bring even the biggest RV to a halt.

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If you’re interested in getting the most out of your RV in terms of both overall years and year-round enjoyment, it helps to conduct some regular check-ups and a few relatively simple maintenance activities. Problems with your RV’s body, engine, transmission, generators, slide-out components, roof A/C units, leveling system and other accessories can put a serious dent in your budget. But regular maintenance and care will keep those super-expensive repairs to a minimum.
For snowbirds in need of a thorough RV maintenance check, Premier Coach Works offers a full-service inspection. Harsh winter climates are particularly rough on recreational vehicles, and many vacationers don’t have the time or resources to keep a rigorous maintenance schedule. If you happen to be in and around Phoenix during your trip, swing by Premier Coach Works – we’ll put your RV through our multi-point, professional inspection.
Here are a handful of things you can do to properly maintain your RV.
  • Don’t let your generator sit idle for too long. Idle gasoline really isn’t idle. Even if you’re not running your generator, the gasoline’s harsh chemicals can start to deteriorate the generator from the inside out. During peak travel season, this shouldn’t be a concern, but for off-season and periods of extended storage, make sure you run the generator a few hours per month.

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  • Keep those slide-outs sliding.  If you hear a squeaky noise or grating sound when activating slide-out components, it’s time to lubricate the rails. Apply a silicon spray or manufacturer recommended lubricant to avoid damage to mechanical gears and rails.
  • Change your oil often. Check your owner’s manual for suggested oil change intervals. Many RVs require an oil change every 4,000 or 5,000 miles, although some newer models can drive more miles between changes.
  • While you’re at it, check the transmission fluid, too. Transmission repairs and replacements can be costly. A sensible maintenance and inspection plan for your RV’s transmission fluid takes only a few minutes and will save you money down the line.

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  • Inspect roof components, seals and seams. This should be done at least twice per year. If you live in a wet or wintry climate, make sure to inspect these items at least 3-4 times on an annual basis. The best way to avoid costly water damage (and the subsequent mold and mildew issues) is to keep a keen eye on if—and where—water is getting inside your RV. Small, gradual leaks might be tough to detect up top, so also check for water damage on your ceiling, interior walls and corner areas.
  • Seek shelter. For recreational vehicle owners who don’t enjoy temperate year-round weather, it’s recommended to perform a simple yet effective form of RV maintenance: keep the vehicle out of the sleet, snow and ice during winter. A temperature-controlled environment is preferred, but at least keep your vacation home on wheels covered. The best way for a snowbird to ruin their RV is to leave is exposed during the winter season.
Remember, a little TLC will ensure optimal performance and also keep your RV out of the repair shop. What are you waiting for? Go ahead and start your RV maintenance today—it’s easier than you think!
 Premier Coach Works is a certified auto and RV repair center based in Phoenix, AZ. The company’s ownership team, I-CAR certified technicians and customer support staff serve the communities of El Mirage, Glendale, Peoria, Phoenix, Sun City and Surprise. Premier Coach Works’ RV, automobile and fleet services offer full-service capability for individual owners and corporations. Also active in the Arizona community, Premier Coach Works supports their local Make-a-Wish Foundation. For more information, please call 623-935-6678 or visit their contact page.



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