Snowbirds – The Southern Migration

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Which is the real “Snow bird”?

Both are snow birds………… Snowbirds the grounded type……….. usually retired folks from Canada and the northern states head south sometime in the fall, winter, or early spring. This migratory species seems to have an affliction for cold weather and especially snow, hence the name. Why pay full price for RV parks? Happy Camper member pay 50%. Click here to check out my review.


Florida RV
Bird Houses

Thousands flock south….

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These birds have many destinations from Florida to California, the warm belt of the southern states. Many leave their northern homes in the fall and don’t return until the spring, while others will only spend a few months after spending Christmas with family.

RV lifestyle is perfect for a “snowbird”

RV desert
Bird Path


Most own RV’s and during the winter months some will travel clear across the south from one coast to the other, while enjoying near perfect weather along the way. Stopping where they like to relax and enjoy. The only area that is a tedious drive is from Texas to Tucson, Arizona. Not much but barren desert with the odd barren mountain….. Sorry N.M.

Circle the wagons…

Parker RV
Bird Houses








Southern Florida, Texas, Arizona and California are probably the most attractive to the snowbirds, although the coastal areas can be cold in the middle of winter. The east can be humid with some rain while the west is drier with more desert.

While the south is a vast area to explore most of  these retirees tend to gravitate to the same area or even the same RV resort for the entire winter. Lynda and I stayed in a few of these parks, it didn’t take long for us to realize they are similar,  filled with one large family of  white hairs.

These happy creatures all seem to have their daily routine, usually some sort of exercise in the morning, whether it be in the pool, gym, group sessions in the hall, walking or riding their bicycles through the park, or playing some strange game on a court.

Spending all Winter doing…….

In pool
Bird Bath







These RV retirement communities are overflowing with things to do, everything one could imagine. While they may all have different amenities all have pools, some for swimming some for socializing or cooling off on a warm afternoon.

Ladies in the pool
Water Birds




All the usual things are available like, lawn bowling, horse shoes, pickle ball, tennis, outdoor shuffle board. Some parks have golf, or there is always a course nearby. On the odd cool day you may move indoors, activities are many as well, from playing billiards, dancing classes and yoga or any hobby or game you can imagine, including woodworking & carving.

Lawn bowling
Bird Brains
Organized or what…

The larger parks have activity directors that arrange for whatever you want to do, from scenic bus tours to Las Vegas gambling, ocean & river  cruises, group shopping, motor cycle tours, hiking excursions, 4 wheel drive desert tours, and more.

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happy hour
Bird Juice


How could anyone do everything? These active folks do slow down in the afternoon with gatherings at many random areas for “HAPPY HOUR” it should be happy evening. This most popular activity can carry on long after dark, as long as dark is not too late because we need to have dinner, relax for a while and get to bed so we can start all over again tomorrow.

Let there be Music
seniors dancing
Bird Dance


Many of these wonderful little villages have restaurants, a convenience store and of course a bar, usually outside. You can spend a warm winter evening enjoying the sounds of the over “the hill gang” singing and playing the oldies.

By the way most of the activities are free, or a small membership fee. There is also large production performances in many Parks, most cost a few dollars but some are free.

I remember last year Oct (2013) we traveled south earlier that usual and when we arrived at our favorite RV resort, in Surprise, Arizona yes there is a town called Surprise.

Song Birds

The annual Oktoberfest welcome back celebration was the next day. We spent the afternoon at the pool. The resort seemed deserted so we were not worried about getting into the hall. At 3 pm we wandered in, wet bathing suites and all……… wow….. the place was packed, 600 plus people. We guessed that most of them arrived that day. Best of all it was free……. brats and beer, what fun.

Hopefully I have shed some light on the life of a snowbird. This is one aspect of RV travel. Many more adventures to come.

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In our travels we have met many new friends. Retired couples doing the same, enjoying the RV retirement life style.

Someone’s gotta do it.
RV sunset
Birds Roosting
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