Snowbirds – the route home.


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Its February and some snowbirds from the central states have either left their winter home in the south or are thinking about the trek north. When you head out don’t forget about road side assistance coverage click here to check out Good Sam, they saved our bacon.

I am not sure why they leave so early, the best weather in the south doesn’t start till March. That’s when we head for an RV resort for some pool time, as the temperature creeps into the 80’sF, 30’sC, and the flock thins out. By the end of March you can find a lounge chair close to the pool and the prices for camping drop. January to the end of March is prime time for the southern RV resorts, and the premium resorts are full.

who would have thought.




The southern desert doesn’t awaken until April, when I say awaken it’s more like an explosion of color and fragrance. Who would have guessed that monstrosities like cactus could erupt with such beauty.

Once April arrives so do the warmer temperatures, commonly in the 90’s F. It’s also a great time to golf, the prices have dropped and you can usually have your choice of tee times.

Mass Exodus
Flocking off

A large percentage of snowbirds stay till the end of March or so, especially Canadians and northern Americans. Before the migration starts the southern RV resorts come alive with farewell parties. Saying goodbye to your winter bffs, tears are shed as everyone gets ready to depart and scatter north to their summer homes.


There are various routes used during this semi annual routine. Some take their time and take advantage of the better weather to enjoy some sights along the way, while for others its pedal to the medal…………..Where we goin in this hand basket anyway. To check out 50% off RV parks for your drive home click here to check out Happy Camper 

San Diego

San diego

The west coast is a fond route of many who enjoy taking in the coast line as they make their way home. San Diego with an almost perfect climate is a good place to begin, with many sites to take in like the San Diego Zoo with the Pandas and Sea World with the…..Click here for discount tickets for tours and attractions.


The trip north to LA along the coast highway #1 is full of great beach towns with a great summertime feel, Newport, Huntington, and Long Beach are a few.

Hunington Beach
Huntington Bead
 LA & Anaheim


Of course there is Disneyland, California, Universal Studios, Warner Bros. Studios, Hollywood and Beverly Hills to name a few. There are a few RV parks next to the beach where you can enjoy biking or walking the ocean front walk. Venice Beach is a must see with all the strangest sights you could imagine. Click here to check out hop on hop off bus & tour tickets.

Venice Beach
Venice Beach



As you head north on hwy #1 you’ll pass through Santa Monica, Ventura, and Santa Barbara. You can continue along this gorgeous coast line through San Francisco, Oregon all the way to Washington State and into B.C. or if time doesn’t allow there is always a route east. Click here to check out a good detailed atlas this is the brand I use make sure you order the atlas not map.

north of LA
N. California Coast




Oregon Coast

 Inland routes

Southern Arizona offers several different routes, northwest through Las Vegas and work your way west to I-5 or north through Reno or north east on highway 15 through Salt Lake City. Along this route is Zion National Park a beautiful side trip if you have time, it’s well worth it.

Zion National Park


There are many different routes home, and many different sights.

Take time to smell the cactus……………just not too close.

I hope you have enjoyed this article. If you have any questions or comments please leave them at the bottom, I would love to hear from you.

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  1. Gord,
    Have owned several RV’s. Currently have a 29 foot pull behind. Do not pull it anywhere now as it sits at my dads for weekends there. Love the RV lifestyle. This will be great information for my travels after my retirement. Keep up the good work.

    1. Thanks so much John for your comments it is very encouraging, If you know other people that are into RVing or camping could your forward them my link.
      thanks again.

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