RVing/Camping An Opportunity for Chores?

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I often find myself too busy to keep up with the annual maintenance chores on our travel trailer, which is much less involved than our previous motor home. And coupled with the fact that we store our trailer at our daughters acreage 4 hours away. There never seems to be enough time to take care of all the nagging little chores.

I have an on going list of maintenance items, I also keep track of the chores I have done and when, so I don’t make same mistake I made with my motor home and had the transmission serviced way to often because I wasn’t keeping track of the mileage and the date of service. It is  a good idea to have duplicate list, one in your rig and one at home.

Before we head out on an extended trip I make sure the important items are taken care of such as the brakes, bearings and tires. Click here to check out RV maintenance manuals on Amazon.

RVs at the Imperial Dunes
The dunes

On our southern forays during the winter or early spring I take this opportunity to catch up on maintaining our rig. Once we have reached our destination and camp is set up, which is usually a favorite boondocking area, we spend a couple of days recouping from the mad dash south.

Once rested I busy myself with the chores at hand, from cleaning compartments to waxing the exterior of our rig. I find this time perfect for most of the chores. It seems I have more patience, I guess because there is nowhere to be, no schedule to comply with.

Since the most important items had been looked after before we left on our trip, most of the chores are minor. It actually is enjoyable and very satisfying to have the list completed.

RV waxing

I have done everything from oil and lub. on our motor home, to painting the faded decals. If you are planning to spend your time in an RV park or campground check with the park to make sure there are no rules prohibiting the maintenance you are planning, especially if you planning on making noise with a power tool, like a buffer.

Yes painting the decals. I was a painter in my past like so I thought I would give it a try, what would it hurt the decals were badly faded and an eye sore. So I took some masking tape and outlined the decal with it then used a small foam roller and applied several coats of exterior grade acrylic latex, making sure not to work in the direct sunlight. It turned out great although the decals are all the same color I didn’t want to buy several colors if it didn’t work. Click here to check out RV decals on Amazon

Replacing the caulking is also a job that can be done while boondocking. It’s a tedious job but a must to keep the rain from seeping in and causing rot and other problems if not caught early.

Many other chores can be done while camping, oiling or varnishing woodwork, all sorts of cleaning chores, from wheel covers to windows.

Removing rust

We live 40 miles from the closest small town and 25 of those miles are gravel so I usually take some time every year to  chip and use a drill mounted wire wheel to remove the rust that accumulates  on the receiver hitch,  camper tie downs and some of the undercarriage of my truck. Then I apply gloss black with a rattle can or spray bomb, depending and where you hale from.

This past winter I even sanded the rims on my truck and painted them with some chrome paint I found at Walmart. I had been contemplating buying some chrome rims, now from a distance it looks like I did. Click here to check out drill mounted wire wheels on Amazon.

grill cleaning

When away for a week or more I also take time between adventures and activities to perform maintenance on any toys we may have brought with us, including bicycles, ATV’s, the BBQ grill, camping chairs, water toys, fishing equipment. Click here to check out ATV maintenance manuals only $15 on CD ROM.

As you can see getting away can be a good opportunity to catch up on some of those nagging chores. So don’t forget if you are planning some maintenance projects when on a camping trip bring the tools  or parts you may need. I found a great easy way to store a telescopic ladder on Amazon Click here to check it out.

I know when you get away it is nice to relax and enjoy some down time but if you are like myself and many others, unfinished chores can nag at you especially when you are trying to relax.

I find I often get behind on my correspondence and e-mails so even though there may not be internet available while camping, letters can be written and e-mails created to be sent later.

RV Paark internet

If there “IS” internet as many private and public RV parks are now supplying and if the weather is not cooperating or a relaxing evening is planned after a day of adventure, catching up on some overdue research is fun or even planning your next trip.

Unfortunately many RV parks do not have enough bandwidth which translates to not being able to use the service unless you try early in the morning or late at night when other campers are sleeping. Also often the problem is poor coverage so an internet antenna may be what is needed. Click here to check out internet antennas.

I hope this article puts you on the right track with your RV maintenance.

If you have a comment about this article I would love to read it.

I have created a comprehensive list of equipment and items you may need for your RV travels click here to check out my list.


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    1. Hi thanks for your interest in my website, if you would like to sign up for new updates there is a subscribe button on the left or bottom of my page depending on what type of device you are using.
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    1. Hi thanks for your interest in my website, if you would like to sign up for new updates there is a subscribe button on the left or bottom of my page depending on what type of device you are using.
      Thanks Gord

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