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Whether camping in a tent or RV it is great to sit by the fire and relax for a period of time, but after a few hours or days most of us need to find something to do.

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One of the most popular activities is hiking or walking. It is always interesting to stroll the campsite and check out the other campers or hike a trail for some exploring. Whether through the forest or a desert trail there is always something interesting.

If hiking and walking is not your thing there is always all types of outdoor games, from ladder ball/golf to boccie ball and crochet. Click here to check out games on Amazon.

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When the weather isn’t cooperating as it often does, reading, napping or some sort of indoor card game or board game could be fun and relaxing, especially if you have little ones to entertain. Click here to check out the amazing games on Amazon.



Of course those campers who can afford some kind of OHV or watercraft  a whole different world awaits, from trail riding and sand dunes to fishing and boating.

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One of my favorite activities while camping. My first fishing experience was with my grandpa who bought me a small rod, some hooks and a bobber (strike indicator). We dug some worms in my Nana’s garden and we were all set for the big one!

I’m not sure what it was that I enjoyed so much,  spending time with my favorite person, or the anticipation of catching a fish. I can’t remember if I caught anything on that trip or not, but I was hooked……….. so to speak.


Fishing is a great sport that seems to excite our hunter gather primitive in-stincts. There is nothing more exciting than hooking a trout and fighting it till death………maybe a bit of an exaggeration.

Comparatively inexpensive to take up, a fishing rod, some line, a couple of hooks and a bobber for probably under $30. Of course the worms are free from Nana’s garden.

Most states and provinces have camping areas where a fishing hole is nearby, even Arizona where I have fished several reservoirs and rivers.

Fishing and camping

If you are planning a camping fishing trip it makes good sense to stop at a local tackle shop to ask about the local fishing holes and what kind of bait will work. There is usually a river, lake or some body of water not too far and the tackle shop will be very happy to sell you what you need.

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Although one time on a fishing trip to the pacific north west I stopped by the local gas station/restaurant/motel/general store/tackle shop to inquire about a nearby lake that I had heard had spectacular rainbow trout fishing. It was like I was speaking a foreign language, it quickly became clear that the locals were protecting their prize lake.

Fishing Methods

Every type of water system needs a different method as to increase your chances of catching fish. Usually the larger body of water the larger the fish.  Over the years I have learned some basics that should help.

Salmon Fishing

Oceans – Of course a boat is a must although as a kid we would fish from the docks when the herring were running. Jigging with multiple hooks was the common method. I thing that herring runs on the Pacific coast are not as common these days. Fishing the ocean and large lakes requires large equipment due to the size of the fish, of course larger the equipment the larger the price.

Rivers & streams – depending on the swiftness of the current it is usually advisable to find a back eddy or slower and deeper area to fish. Fish are like most creatures of this earth they tend to conserve energy by hiding in back eddies or behind large rocks waiting for food to float past. A bobber with a worm just above the bottom should work well. Click here to check out fishing gear on Amazon.

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Lakes, ponds, reservoirs – these areas present a different challenge, a boat with a fish finder is the best way to fish a lake. With this method you can troll the lake dragging all sorts of different tackle, lures and bait. Even though I have owned a fish finder for many years I have never found it helped with my fishing success. The best use for these devices is for finding under water shoals (shallower areas), drop offs and holes where fish tend to congregate.

Boat fishing

Although a boat is the best way to fish a lake, casting from a jetty, boat wharf, or locating the mouth of a stream are good places to try your luck. The mouth of a stream is a good bet as they bring nutrients into a lake, this is where bait fish will school.

There are many other methods of fishing, from fly fishing, Chironomid (artificial fly larvae), and ice fishing are a few other methods. Click here to check out fishing books on Amazon.

As you can see there are many fishing methods and I have only touched on a few. An avid fisherman or woman may spend thousands of dollars on the finest fishing gear, manuals, boats and motors.

Bobber fishing

But from my fishing experiences the most successful and simplest method is the bobber hook and worm.

I have created a comprehensive list of equipment and items you may need for your RV travels click here to check out my list.


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I hope you have enjoyed this article, I would love to read about your fishing experiences, please leave a comment.

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