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As we age I think all of us feel more vulnerable, I’m not sure if this is because we are older, wiser and more aware of our vulnerabilities or is it because we feel weaker in mind and body?

Old guy

Whatever the reason we need to take into account that the more congestion there is around us the greater the chance of someone invading our personal space.

Whether our home is robbed or our RV or worse, we suffer a personal attack. A break in or an attack can be a life altering experience. Some people never completely recover and live their lives in paranoia.


Probably the most important thing we must protect is ourselves and our family. Outside of a firearm or becoming Bruce Lee there is a new product for personal protection. Taser, yup that’s right, click here to check it out.

Homes are being broken into often, if your home has not been hit you know somebody that has had to endure this type of violation.

My wife and I have had our lake cottage broken into and a quad stolen. No insurance because it was an older model. But still it had to be replaced. The intruders tried to make off with other less valuable items but they must have been interrupted.

Car burglary






As a young fellow I suffered numerous vehicle break ins. I actually have to laugh about one occurrence.

I had an old Dodge car while attending college and living in a low end apartment. One morning while heading to school I noticed the hood open slightly. I opened it and saw my battery had been stolen.

I replaced it and a night or so later my new battery was stolen. I believe whoever stole my old battery thought they might as well up grade to a new battery.

I felt like a fool, I had just bought someone a new battery and took no precautions against loosing my new one, …..duuuh.

broken window






Our motor home was also the victim of burglary in a hospital parking lot of all places. We where there visiting my father-in-law with our daughter. A window was broken, my leather jacket was stolen and money from our daughter’s purse.

Soon after this mishap I had an alarm installed on our motor home, that seems to have cured the problem.

My point in all this is if we don’t do something to protect our property and our selves we may regret it.


Insurance policy







If you have a loss, an insurance claim can be made, but of course your rates will increase the next year and for several years to come until your loss has been recaptured by the insurance company. What a racket.

My wife lost a necklace,  it was $3300. The insurance company promptly sent us a check and then proceeded to cancel our no claims discount of 40% for 4 years.

By my calculations by the time we earn our 40% discount back we will have pretty much paid back the money they gave us to buy her a new necklace.

So we pay an insurance company every month for the privileged of  taking a loan. I know this is a bit simplistic but you get the picture. Another factor is if your home is left vacant for too long a period your insurance company may decline a claim.

vacant house







You need to have someone checking on your home. The person actually is required to enter your home at regular intervals and keep a journal as to the date and time and condition. Check with your insurance company to see what their requirements may be.

The point is it may be time to make a decision to protect yourself and your property, before the worst happens.

The target


Security protection for our homes as well as our RV is a necessity, it will help us to feel more secure at home and while traveling in our RV.

I know when we are far from home my thoughts will often drift back home and what may be happening. Most of us do have good neighbors that keep an eye on things, but I believe most break ins happen under the cover of darkness while everyone is asleep.

Dark house







I have done what I can to ensure our home is set up to deter would be burglars. I have installed motion sensor lights on all sides of our home and a security system, this seems to have done the trick. We haven’t had any  problems in recent years.

It’s a fact that thieves will hit the easy target, a secluded and dark home has a better chance of falling victim than one that is more visible and lit.



Many things can be done to improve security at home and while traveling. At home, motion sensor lights work well, an interior lamp or two on timers to come on during the night. A car in the driveway. Stop your mail and papers so that a stack of paper doesn’t become an obvious indication that your home is vacant.

You can do what you can to minimize the chances, but the best is a monitored security system. You can have a system installed in your home as well as your RV or order the systems and install them yourself.


In the past few years great strides have been made in  wireless do it yourself security systems. They are even made specifically for RVs. The wireless feature makes it simple to install.

There are systems with motion sensors, with close circuit cameras and digital video recorders. Many of them are completely automatic and will dial any number you program into the system, in the event the alarm is triggered. Click here to check them out.

RV Security system

Alarm systems although similar to home systems have been specifically designed for RVs, click here to check them out.

RV alarm







Where are my toys

A fairly new technology is available for you to keep track of just about anything you own. The Pocket Finder is a small device that can attach anywhere and will enable you to track anyone or almost anything through your smart phone. Click here to check it out.

Who’s at the door

stranger at the door







Another interesting recent technology is SkyBell. A wifi door bell & video camera that enables you to see and talk too whoever is at the door through your smart phone, even if you’re not at home, click here to check it out.

I hope I haven’t scared the crap out of you but security is a necessity in all aspects of our lives.

I have created a comprehensive list of equipment and items you may need for your RV travels click here to check out my list.


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