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To buy or not to buy

So maybe you are considering buying an RV but you’re not 100% sure that this type of travel is for you and your family. Renting an RV and taking a trip might be what you need to do to make the final decision.

Plan a trip that will encompass as many aspects of RV travel as possible. It will give you a good idea of all the different opportunities.
Buying an RV is a big decision and can cost several thousand dollar to several hundred thousand, depending on what type, new or used.

If you plan on only one or two trips a year maybe renting is the answer.

tent trailer
A used tent trailer can be very reasonably priced compared to a brand new diesel pusher that can cost as much or more than a house.


The ultimate

There is no better way to discover the beauty and wonder of this big blue marble we live on than to explore it in an RV.  It’s surprising how many people are not aware that RVs can be rented by the day, the month, or for as long as you choose. RV rental affords folks the opportunity to experience RV travel for themselves.

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It’s practically impossible to take a trip down the highways and byways of the United States and Canada without seeing a rented RV rolling down the road, or set up in the RV parks.

RV rental companies usually perform regular maintenance on each unit as it is returned, so that the next family to rent it is assured a clean, sanitized RV that looks and runs like new.

When you rent an RV, you will be provided with all of the instructions you need to familiarize yourselves with how to set up the unit and use all of the features that are offered.

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If it’s your first time camping in an RV, it can be intimidating to try to remember all of the things that are shown to you when you rent. Clear instructions are provided, and sent with you in the unit. Also you can always give the rental company a call and ask questions. In addition, there will always be a friendly neighbor to help you learn the ropes. RVers are generally friendly and hospitable and glad to help.

Before you head out you may want to sign up with the Happy Camper club for 50% off camping & RV parks. You will make your membership fee back in a couple of nights, click here.









Some RV renters feel like if they go camping in an RV, they must park in a designated RV facility for the night. Somewhere that provides restrooms, showers, power and sewer hookups. While these amenities are nice, and make for very convenient camping, they are not necessary.

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Most RVs, no matter what size you rent, are completely self-sufficient. You need no hookups or outside restrooms should you decide to go camping in an unimproved area, otherwise known as “boondocking.” Some are equipped with on board generators that provides the electricity you need to run the essentials. Battery power will be sufficient for a night or two, without running the engine, but you should ask before you take off.

Soups on

cooking inside RV







A hot water heater that makes for refreshing showers. The appliances operate on propane and should operate for a week without refilling the propane tanks. There is a fresh water tank aboard for showering and doing dishes, as well as tanks into which the sewer water is flushed and the gray water (sink and shower water drain into.

Rv bed






The sleeping accommodations in RVs are surprisingly comfortable, and amazingly roomy.

When renting an RV check out the supplies that come with your rental, most RV rental companies charge extra for everything. Dishes, cutlery and bedding are not usually included and an extra charge will be added. Plus a mileage charge will be added on as well.

Its a gas

Remember when drafting your budget allow approx. 10 miles per gallon for your thirsty RV, a membership with Good Sam can help with your fuel costs.

RV filling

There are many different sizes and types of RVs available for rent. Tent trailers that will sleep 6 from $400. per week to motor homes for $1000. and up per week. Whatever your preference is I am sure there is something available.

If you suffer a break down be prepared, sign up for Good Sam Roadside Assistance. One RV towing bill will pay for several years of Good Sam membership. They will tow any vehicle you own anywhere, click here


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I hope you enjoyed this article and it was helpful. If you have any questions or comments I would love to hear from you.

I have created a comprehensive list of equipment and items you may need for your RV travels click here to check out my list.


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