How to keep fit while RV traveling.

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I am on vacation can’t I take a break from working out?

If you are on vacation for a week or two maybe you can take a break, but if you’re retired and travel for a couple of months at a time as we do, you need to exercise to keep your good health.

bad diet







As everyone seems to be aware of these days our North American sedentary lifestyle and our high fat diet is causing people to leave this planet far too early. It is so important for all of us to take charge of our lives, get up and get moving.

Battle of the bulge


My wife (Lynda) has belonged to a weight loss support group TOPS (take off pounds sensibly)  for over 40 years. She lost 50 lbs 40 years ago and has kept it off for all this time.

She does it by watching what she eats and exercises daily. Vegetables, chicken, fish and some red meat are the staples of our diet, and we avoid prepackaged food.

It’s not like she starves herself or cannot have some of the foods that we all love, like fried food, desserts etc. If she indulges at a meal or two she either cuts back on the calories before or after to keep her total calorie count down. It’s all about choices for her.

Get with the program

brisk walk








That’s one part of her program the other part is exercise. She takes a brisk 3 mile walk around our neighborhood every morning after breakfast. The idea is to burn calories and increase your heart rate for the entire walk.

She takes our dog Buddy on her walk and it’s very apparent he is in good shape, he always seems to have plenty of energy to chase the ball or play frisbee.

So you are probably thinking, okay guy that’s your wife and dog what about you. Well I try to keep fit as well, I walk and run on my treadmill every second day, and in between I usually split wood for our stove. Or I will be working at some project in our community or around the house.

What to do on the road

Rv park








The idea is to keep moving and do at least 30 minutes of exercise almost every day. What about while traveling, well when we are on the road there’s always an opportunity to get in a quick walk while stopped for fuel, lunch or maybe a scenic view. Once stopped for the night it’s usually pleasant to take a walk and check out our new neighborhood.

Set down roots

If our destination is an RV park we always try to pick one that has work out facilities. We both take advantage of the chance to use the equipment. On one occasion we picked an RV park that had a gym but quickly discovered that it was under renovations.

What was I to do? As we checked out the facilities my wife noticed they had yoga. she says,” that’s great why don’t we both go?,” A hasty NO was my reply……….but after a couple of days of coaxing I surrendered.









The next morning we arrive at the yoga room filled with women and one man, as soon as he spotted me he darted over and grabbed my hand and pumped like I was his long lost friend he hadn’t seen in a life time. With a huge smile he said thanks so much for coming. We were instant friends.


bicycles in desert







When our temporary home is in the desert it seems to be naturally easier to keep fit with all the chores of camping. Our bicycles are always with us when we travel, I think that is the only time I ride my bike. The desert is a great place to ride with usually hard packed gravel. Although you should carry a container of tire repair, cactus thorns will easily penetrate bicycle tires.On our first trip south we walked many miles with flat tires. Click here to check out the stow-able folding bicycles.

I’m not too crazy about hiking but in a new area it can be fun. Playing frisbee or soccer with Buddy is fun as well as good exercise for both of us.

weight lifting








It’s great to get your cardio exercise but it’s just as important to do resistance exercise as well. Muscle burns more calories than fat, so the more muscle you build the more cheeseburgers and fries you can consume, yum.


Its almost impossible to bring a universal gym along and a dumb bell weight set is a good idea but I don’t like to add the extra weight.

It’s just perfect

resistance bands






To solve the problem I thought a good set of high resistance stretch bands would be the answer. You would think it would be easy to find a simple set of bands….not so. I bought several sets that either broke under the strain of a workout or didn’t have enough resistance or stretched and would not contract back to their original form.

I finally found the perfect solution, literally they are called Perfect Resistance Bands Click here to check them out. They are cheap enough to have a couple of sets for home and the RV.

chair stuck







There are many activities that can be fun and also keep you fit, you just need to get up off your………..chair and get active.

I hope this article has given you some ideas or maybe even motivation to keep fit while travelling.

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