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Many clubs and associations have cropped up over the years under the premise of saving us, the consumer money. While many of them may save a little there isn’t too many that actually deliver on their promise.

Most of us buy many things on a whim, things we may not truly need, but we want it. The only way any of us actually save money on something is if we need the item or service and we manage somehow to get a deal.

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A deal may not be much of a deal at all unless we research and check all the options. For instance I saw an article comparing the price of cars, a Toyota Prius has a price tag in an Asian city, (I think it was Shanghai), get this…. over $100,000.00 US.

If we buy this car here, North America, and pay less than half they pay in Shanghai is that a deal? So I guess a deal is a relative term. The bottom line is you really never know for sure if you’re getting a deal or not.

Well it could be your luckY day

lucky day

The cost of camping or RV parks is on the increase, I guess it’s like everything else nothing goes down. Only a decade ago you could camp for $15 now you would be lucky to find a RV park for under $30 a night. Of course the longer you stay the cheaper the per night cost is.

RV/camping clubs offer a deal, there are many you can join and it seems all of them can save you money. Savings can be from 10% to as much as 100% on your stay. If you’re staying for free it will probably be dry camping.

The fine print

fine print

The drawback with all these clubs is each affiliated RV park have restrictions especially during the high season. In the southern states the spring is high season, Jan. to March conversely in the north it is summer season.

Some parks will only honor your membership during off season, some will let you stay a couple of nights at the discounted rate. Others will only give a discount for weekday stay, but some RV parks have no restrictions. I think I would check the reviews on these parks.

I have reviewed several of these RV/camping clubs and the following list are the ones I think are worth considering. Most of these clubs have 1000 to 1600 camping/RV parks and most show 50% discount or more. The registration fee is for 1 year with discounts if you sign up for multiple years. I have put a “click here” a link next to the ones I prefer.


camping club

  • Great RV Escapes – $40 about 1000 parks, US & Canada
  • Passport America – $44 about 1600 parks, US & Canada
  • Happy Camper – $40 about 1200 parks, US & Canada click here.
  • Explorer RV – $47 affiliate with Passport America US & Canada
  • Escapee – $50 about 1000 parks, US
  • Good Sam – $25 about 10% off 2100  parks US & Canada
  • RV Golf Club – $49 about 420 golf courses stay for free, dry camping, some RV resorts 50% off US & Canada click here.
  • Harvest Host – $40 about 470 wineries farms etc. free 1 night US & Canada
  • Elks Club – must be a member, not sure how many locations some are free.


You will probably want to do a thorough review of each of the clubs websites and affiliated locations to see which one is best for you. Also check the reviews to see what other people have to say.

Most of these clubs offer other discounts on various services, from travel insurance to car rentals. For instance Good Sam has many other services, road side assistance, trip planning, fuel savings, extended warranty coverage just to name a few.

My final thoughts on RV/camping clubs, it’s probably worth the money especially if you vacation during off season or if you tour frequently. During high season plan your route around the location of the member RV parks, golf courses, or wineries.

I have created a comprehensive list of equipment and items you may need for your RV travels click here to check out my list.


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I hope this article helps with your decision on whether or not to buy a camping club membership.

If you have any suggestions or question please leave them in the comment area. I would love the feed back.

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