RV Tours of British Columbia – The Rocky Mountains

the Rockies
The Majestic Canadian Rocky Mountains

One of the most popular RV tours in the world is through the BC Rocky Mountains. The border between BC and Alberta actually runs the length of the Rockies, although the most enjoyable part is in BC. Many Europeans take this trip, landing in Calgary or Edmonton, Alberta renting an RV and taking this tour either one way to the Vancouver BC area or round trip following various routes.

Just a side note if you are considering Fraserway RV rentals I would not recommend them, I have had issues with them.

Rockies from Calgary
Calgary with the BC Rockies in the back ground.

Probably the most popular route is from Calgary to Banff and then north through the Rockies to Jasper and then turning east back to Calgary or continuing west through BC.





Whichever way you choose you are in for a fantastic RV tour with world class spectacular scenery.
The distance from Calgary through the Rockies to Jasper is about 260 miles. From Calgary you head west for 90 miles to Banff a beautiful first leg as you approach the mountains.

The rockies from Alberta side

It’s an amazing transformation from the rolling grass lands of Alberta to the towering magnificent Rocky Mountains.


Banff town
The town of Banff in the Rockies

Banff National Park has provided visitors with a healthy combination of unspoiled wilderness, modern amenities, and opportunities for active exploration. Banff resembles a town in the Swiss Alps. Nestled in the Rockies, you will need several days to explore the town and the surrounding area.

Banff national Park
With such a breathtaking landscape it is no surprise this UNESCO world heritage site has been nominated time and again as a “must see” destination for travelers from around the world.
This national park provides 1600 kilometers of hiking trails, two gondolas, lakes and rivers to explore by canoe, or just tour by bicycle or car. Banff is a must stop on your Rocky mountain RV tour.

The Icefields

Banff Lake

As you head north on the Icefields Parkway (hwy 93) stay alert or you may miss encounters with many wild species in this unspoiled wilderness including deer, moose, elk, and the giant grizzly bear. As you meander along the highway you will quickly realize why this is such a world famous attraction.

Grizzly Bear

There are too many sites along this 100 or so miles of hwy to mention, but the Athabasca Icefield is a must stop.



Athabasca Icefields
Athabasca Icefields between Banff and Jasper Canada

Here you can get aboard a huge Icefield bus that will take you up onto this amazing glacier.


Jasper Town

At the end of this scenic route is another beautiful town with all the amenities you may want to enjoy, from a tramway that will take you high into the mountains to gift shops with all the unique souvenirs you could imagine.
Jasper is the gentle giant of the Rockies.

Maligne Lake Jasper Canada

Offering visitors a more laid back mountain experience, with equal options of adventure, exploration and relaxation, although stay alert Elk roam the streets and can become aggressive.
With nearly 1000km of trails, thousands of campsites, and wildlife beyond measure there are endless ways to enjoy Jasper National Park.

Nov. 2013 099
My cousin Malin with sons John and Oscar, with us traveling through the rockies on their first trip to Canada from Sweden.

The Canadian Rockies would take a lifetime to explore there is so much to see and do.

Where to Next?
Rocky mountian Big Horn Sheep
Rocky Mountain Big Horn Sheep

From here you may head east to Edmonton and back south to Calgary or if time permits you can head west on highway 16 deeper into BC and then either north or south (hwy16 or 5). North on highway 16 takes you to Prince George and then either west to the coastal port of Prince Rupert or north to Dawson Creek and the Alaska highway. Highway 5 heads south to Kamloops and onto Vancouver or the Okanagan if you wish.

BC Elk

What ever route you choose while in BC you are in for thousands of square kilometers of the most beautiful scenery in the world, mountain vistas, roaring rivers and hundreds of crystal clear lakes, not to mention wild life ranging from big horn mountain sheep to the majestic grizzly.

Emerald Lake BC
Emerald Lake BC


Canada is a true jewel of the earth and with perfect combinations of amazing scenery and friendly people,  makes for a unforgettable RV destination.

I hope you have enjoyed this article and it provides some idea of the Rv adventures that await you. If you have a comment or suggestion I would love the feed back.

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