RV timeshare – who would have guessed?

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Well I have heard of timeshares but only recently have I heard the new expression RV timeshare.

The word timeshare  gives many people a sick feeling in their stomach, most people who have traveled especially to Mexico have been coerced, hoodwinked, shanghaied, or otherwise enticed to attend a timeshare presentation.

Timeshare itself is a fantastic idea and a great way to enjoy a less expensive vacation for a week or two.  The problem is the scoundrels that manage and work in the timeshare industry.

Timeshare sales person

timeshare saler person




Most of these people seem to have no ethics or scruples, their only guide line seems to be,” the end justifies my means”. They will say almost anything to make the sale, misrepresent (lie), make vale promises, and use hard nosed high pressure tactics.

My wife and I have first hand knowledge, we have owned a timeshare in Cabo for fifteen years. We thoroughly enjoy our three weeks every year.

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You would think after all this time we would not be sucked in by another timeshare presentation……but not so.

Victims of Deception

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You never know when someone will approach and try to manipulate you into attending one of the torturous sessions.  I am reminded of the time having a meal in a restaurant and a young women drifted to our table and started to chat. We both assumed she was the hostess, asking if we were enjoying our stay in Cabo, where we were staying………small talk.

We said we had been coming here for years and she quickly responded that she remembered my wife’s beautiful blue eyes. My wife was, of course, flattered and reciprocated with appreciation, of course this was all a prelude to attending a presentation.

It back fired on the women, we both realized her deception and gave her the cold shoulder and declined her invitation even though she continued now using her poor deprived children as her motivation.

timeshare tricks






I know I have kinda strayed from the subject, but this could be vital for people who have not had the misfortune of attending one of these affairs. I will briefly explain the order of things.

here they come

Mexican timeshare







The timeshare scenario could start at he airport especially in Cabo where you will be aggressively approached once you have cleared security. You will be offered all kinds of transportation offers to your hotel. So if you’re are going to Mexico it’s best to make prior travel arrangements.

If it doesn’t happen at the airport, you definitelywill be maneuvered after you check into your hotel, it will probably be a free breakfast offer and discounted activities. There may be other scenarios but you can be assured that whatever it is it will happen when you arrive. All of these offers are all aimed at getting you to a timeshare presentation.

free….. not so much

free breakfast





If you agree to the free welcome breakfast or what ever free event you are offered, you will be met by a sales person who will be very welcoming and usually show you through the resort and have breakfast with you. Next you will be led to a sales room with many other candidates.

The sales pitch begins. The person that gave you the tour and had breakfast with, will give you the first pitch and if he or she is not successful,  the pressure will mount from various managers. There is usually some kind of gift or discounts that if you do not stay till the end you will not receive.

timeshre pressure

If you do not cave and buy, the whole process becomes very unsettling to say the least. If you do buy a timeshare make sure all that was promised is in writing.



Okay back to RV timeshare, maybe I have turned you off and you don’t want to continue.

RV Timeshare – deep pockets????

money gone

So a bunch of people sign up to share an RV. A company buys an RV and signs up customers to commit to renting the RV on a regular basis. They call it timeshare, fractional ownership, they have multiple terms for,” YOU PAY”.

The Questions.
  • So who owns the RV, is your name on the title or registration?
  • Is there liability insurance and what is the limit, you can do a lot of damage with a big rig?
  • So are there liens against this Unit, is there a loan against it, directly or indirectly…?
  • If the company goes broke whose on the hook for the cost of the rig?
  • What happens if the rig breaks down or the previous “owner” using it has an accident?
  • Do you own one unit or many or do you own any,” WHEN YOU SIGN THE PAPER.”?
  • How many units are you on the hook for if the company claims a chapter. (bankruptcy)?
  • Is there a mileage charge?
  • Who is responsible for the repairs?
  • How much is the maintenance, is it extra?
  • Is there road side assistance and towing or do you pay?
  • If something breaks while you are using the RV who pays?
  • Is there a cleaning charge, a laundry charge, a fuel charge like a rental car?
  • If the outside is dirty do you get charged for the wash and how much?
  • Do you have to pay for the disposables, toilet paper, paper towels etc.?
  • When you return – the tanks do you need to empty – do they need to be sanitized? is there a cost?
  • General wear and tear is there a charge?
  • One final question will the coach be equipped with all the necessary items to make your traveling great. Such as a grill, gas or briquettes, outside table, chairs, RV mat etc.?

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My thoughts

My thoughts






All of these questions need to be answered, RV timeshare seems like a scary scenario, there seems to be many potential problems that could develop. This is a relatively new industry, and all the issues have probably not been ironed out yet.

The initial cost to enroll is going to be substantial and there will probably be ongoing costs.

Read the fine print, have your lawyer look over the contract before you take the plunge.

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I hope this article will be of help if you are considering any kind of timeshare especially RV timeshare.

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If you have any suggestions, questions or comments I would love to read them.

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