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During our RV travels Lynda and I come across various RV products and accessories we find interesting and useful. Most times we purchase these products to see if they are as good as advertised.

Each week I'm focusing on a couple of these products.


A good map is essential when traveling and is especially important when driving or hauling a large rig. It is absolutely no fun finding yourself on the wrong street or freeway exit and no idea how to correct the situation.

We have found these bench mark map books to be excellent with good detail for highway and off road.


Along with a map book a GPS is vital, you know this if you have ever come to a dead end and need to turn around. One time I had to back onto someone's lawn in a cul-de-sac.
We have had our Garmin nüvi for years we never leave home without it. Regular updates are important.
Or if you prefer the hand-held model for exploring.



Check out these other Best Selling RV Accessories



I am sure you will find these products great for your RV and camping trips.

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