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Happy Hour

All of us have worked hard our entire lives, given our all, toiled tirelessly for a tyrant, sweat pouring from our brow pooling beneath us as we produce that perfect product faster than anyone ever has without so much as a thanks……..well maybe a little over the top, but sometimes that’s how we all have felt.

All of us at one time or other in our lives have thought about throwing in the towel, getting off the merry-go-round, quitting our jobs, getting out of jail……….. escaping.

Killing the alarm clock

Freedom is what we are looking for, what we yearn for, what we dream of, what we work for. Freedom from the terrible nagging morning noise beside the bed. We would love to take a hammer and beat that thing until it lies there lifeless unrepairable and never to be heard again.

To most of us this seems like a dream that may never come true, in the distant future, a distant land. It seems like a fairly tale,……nothing close to the present reality.

day dreaming

We work and toil all week dreaming of the weekend. It arrives and its over far too soon. There is something wrong with this life. Why is this our life?

Why?….because of  what we want, we want a bigger house, a nicer car, finer furniture, a better vacation. Because we want all these things, we have built a jail. It’s not a 24/ 7 jail, its mostly a daytime jail, we can leave in the evening to spend a few hours with the ones we love, sleep and then back to jail???

fancy house

All Is Not Lost

There are people in this world that have jumped off the merry-go-round, killed the thing beside the bed………….they get out of bed when they choose and start their day when they choose.

Most who enjoy this life are the retired, the simple minded, the homeless, the free spirits.


When I graduated from high school in 1970, I of course, like everyone else, had great dreams and ambitions. However there were other thoughts and images that crept into my mind, the visions of the freedom of the 60’s Beatnicks, and the 70’s Hippies.

The chartreuse micro bus, living on love, Woodstock, free love and communes. What a life!!! Where are these people today?…… Some say Saltspring Island off the coast of Vancouver BC.

I am there now, except for the free love, communes, living on love, Woodstock…….hum,………………. but I guess I have something that may slightly resemble the micro bus…………….a travel trailer.

I guess I got a little distracted, but the morale of the story is there still exist these contrary souls people living off the grid. People who resemble the beatnicks, hippies, free spirits or whatever you may want to call them. I have met them, and you have too.

Slab City Cal. resident

They are everywhere in our society, they may be pushing a shopping cart (not by choice), or trying to clean your windows at a stop light, camping off the grid in the desert or communes in mountains of the north.

Either by choice or by circumstance they have escaped the jail, the confines of the life we (society) have created, they are………….. freeeeee.

Shoping cart person

When I was working, running a busy business driving from construction site to construction site working more hours in a day than there were hours in the day, making more than I had time to spend…………………. Occasionally  when I stopped at a red light I would spot a shopping cart person or a squeegee person dressed in rags (maybe a costume)………..as I watched them moving about…….. for a fleeting moment……  a fleeting thought ………… freedom?……. envious …… or crazy?


Why would this be??……..Why would I think such thoughts?……..”I” had the world by the ass, I was living the dream, successful with a great business that I built from nothing??

Why then would such thoughts cross my mind. Even though I was successful and happy, my time was not my own. I had obligations, commitments, many people relied on me, and it was beginning to weigh heavy.

I know this has happened and is happening to many people, some can change their jobs, scale back, work a shorter week, however most cannot or will not do anything to correct the situation.

Some people take this as a sign, an omen, an opportunity to get off the merry- go- round and be free.

Full Time – Vacation
full timers
The easy life

In the RV world Full Timers are people who live in their RV if not all year long at least most of the year. These are people, for whatever reason, have decided to step out of the box, break the mold and and embrace freedom.

Some have gone to the extreme and sold their home, most of their worldly frills and hit the road. Most follow the sun, I guess warmth would be more accurate, and live in the north during the summer and the south in the winter.

Some interesting reading.

We have met many of these gypsies on our travels in the south during the fall, winter and early spring. Some travel in large mansions on wheels, while others get by existing in a tent,……. yes a tent.

Most are couples, but their is also many singles, both men and women. Some have chosen this way of life for others it has become a financial necessity. Whatever the reason all full timers we have met seem to be very happy with their lot in life.

Cottonwood attractions 092
Lynda & Buddy with our full time RVer a single lady neighbor in Cottonwood Az.
Making It Work

While I can only speculate on most full timers financial position it seems some are more affluent than others. Some have income or savings that allow them to travel the country without financial restrictions while others are less mobile and will spend months settled in the same area.

Cottonwood attractions 068
A full timer I met early last spring in Cottonwood Az. he carves walking sticks to sell and in the summer him and his wife are campground hosts in the mountains of California

Many of the full timers I have met try to earn money either out of necessity to supplement their income or to pass the time. There are more ways to make money than anyone can count. Many full timers turn hobbies into money making businesses, like jewelry making, carving, many different marketable crafts, to mention a few.

These hobbyists and crafters will travel the country selling their wears at flee markets, RV rallies, fairs, and special events. It is a way of life and they are free to travel where ever they please.

Full timers that are not so crafty take on part time jobs, often these jobs are seasonal and can range from working at a retail outlet during a busy season like Christmas, or selling Christmas trees, pumpkins, fireworks, picking fruit or helping with the harvest.

While others may travel the country seeking temporary employment engaging in their profession, like nursing, accounting, or construction trade. Others may provide a service for the RV community, like RV or auto repairs, RV washing and detailing, dog grooming, income tax preparation.

campground host

One  popular job is a host or manager of an RV park, or national park campground, although these are probably at the low end of the pay scale with little pay or just a free spot FHU (full hook ups) to park your RV.

Finding The Right Job

There are many resources and websites that service RV full timers seeking employment, and employers seeking RVers to hire. Search the internet for work campers, workers on wheels, RV roamers, camp hosts, or any other words that resemble working while camping or RVing. Workampers news seems like a site worth checking out.

As you can see there is always a way to retire or just escape the stress or hum drum of your present life. It doesn’t need to be permanent, it can be for a few weeks, months, or years, an extended vacation.  It’s freedom to stay, to go or just be.

Down sizing and living in an RV is just one way, to escape. Even if you don’t have a large nest egg or a substantial pension, working while traveling may be a way to fill the income gap and continue to see the world one mile at a time.

I hope you have enjoyed this article on full time RVing, Freedom.

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