RV Driving and Manuvering

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So your RV is out of storage, or you’re sitting in your brand new RV in the show room waiting to take delivery, how exciting! Your rig is ready for the road, your rigs maintenance is up to date, and you’ve done a pre-trip check.
You’re loaded…..oops I mean you’re all packed up and ready for the road? Now there’re a few things to consider. It’s important to make sure your RV is packed properly and evenly distributing the weight evenly through your RV.
UFOs – scary nothing worse then heading down the road and the fridge or cupboard fly’s open and all the contents end up on the floor.
This is bad enough in a motor home where you can see or hear what happened, but if you’re towing a trailer, what a surprise when you stop for lunch or the night and pickles and syrup all mixed with broken glass, this will probably bring out bad language in the nicest people.
Check your cupboards are secure
 So do several checks to make sure every compartment is closed tightly,  or do what Lynda (my wife) did, make velcro straps to keep the doors closed  just  in case the  contents of a cupboard shifts.
Ok, you are in the driver’s seat, what’s next, before you start your engine, sit for a moment and reacquaint yourself with the controls. Maybe you haven’t sat in the driver’s seat since last season’s trip.
Check equipment like the sun visor it is low enough? If you are driving into the setting sun. Check these extensions out on Amazon.
Mirrors & mirror extensions
Mirrors & mirror extensions
Check your mirrors, your co-pilot/navigator/backup director/short order cook/ etc. may help you with mirror adjustments. Check out the dashboard controls, and all the things you may need reach heading down the road, like gps navigator, click to check them out on Amazon.
If you are towing, make sure your brake control is adjusted. If you’re towing, a wireless rearview backup camera is probably a good idea. Click here to check them out on Amazon.
 On the Road in your RV
A few tips for the road. When I began driving my 36′ class ‘A’ motorhome I  had trouble staying in the center of the lane, check your side mirrors frequently, you should be able to see both lines. With practice your rig will be centered in the lane.
 Stopping your RV
One of the most important aspects of driving a larger vehicle is stopping, the heavier the vehicle the more time and distance it requires to stop.
Leave plenty of distance between you and the traffic in front. The faster you travel the farther it takes to stop. Remember you are retired or on vacation and not in a hurry. Stay alert, keep a close eye farther down the road.
Hills present another set of issues, going up isn’t too much of a problem, however, turning off the cruise control and climb at a steady speed.
Maybe too much speed?
Maybe too much speed?
Descending a hill, of course, is all about speed if it’s steep reduce speed at the top and gear down, snub the brakes to keep your speed in check,  do not ride the brakes they will heat up reding your breaking power or even cause your brakes to fail.
 Turning a Corner in Your RV
Turning corners at an intersection is another issue when you are driving a large motor home or towing a trailer. If you don’t make adjustments you may find yourself on the curb or lawn on a right turn, or demolish the front of someone’s car if you are turning left.
A good approach to a turn is to go farther out into the intersection before you start your turn, the same as semi truck drivers do. Take your time and watch your mirrors. I also try to wait for a break in the traffic before attempting the turn, this will allow more room if you need it.
Curb Lane
You never know what may be encountered in the slow lane
You never know what may be encountered in the slow lane.
Driving in the curb lane on a treed street can be an issue, stay  alert for low branches and cars that may be sticking out into your lane. Knowing the height of your RV is essential, bridges and overpasses can be lower than expected especially in older areas.
Backing your RV is usually a 2 person job and one of the most frustrating maneuvers necessary on RV travels. The best solution is not to back up but use pull-through spots whenever possible, this will keep the peace with the person next to you.
backing up
BUT…..there are times when backing up you RV can’t be avoided, in this case, get out of your rig and discuss where you want to go with the love of your life. Mention to her in order to see her she must be able to see you in the side mirrors.
Stop and check your position often, and watch for low objects. OK good luck. Walkie talkies are a great accessory for backing up.
I hope this helps, driving your RV down the highway can be so exciting.
Safe Travels watch your mirrors.
I have created a comprehensive list of equipment and items you may need for your RV travels click here to check out my list.
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