RV Accessories – Some Great Ideas.


We all love to take off in our RV and head to a new spot or maybe a great camping spot that we have visited before. Once parked its time to set up camp. There are many accessories that may enhance your camping experience. One of the necessities is the awning.


With the awning out it creates a feeling of an outdoor living room with lounging chairs, side tables and even carpet (RV mat) on the floor.


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Often however additional screens are needed to either increase privacy or shade or maybe cut the wind.

Awning Enclosures

RV enclosure

There are several options to complete your outdoor room. A screen hanging from the awning roller is one option. On most awning rollers there is a separate slot to slide a screen or enclosure into and when it is attached to the ground it also acts as a tie down to help keep your awning stable should the wind pick up. Full privacy enclosures are also available with doors and windows.

If you live in a hot climate window awnings and sun screens are a great way to keep the heat out.

Vent Fans

Vent Fan

The Fantastic Fan seemed to be a standard feature on most RVs until the past few years now they have become an option.



These fans are great for cooling an RV, complete with a reverse switch as well and several speeds.

Water Filters

water filter

Good tasting water is a must and many RV parks tap water is not the best water for drinking. Several water filtration and treatment systems are available either for under sink or exterior mounting.

Bike Racks

There are many ways to mount your bikes on your RV from bumper mounts to rear ladder mounts. Racks for 2 or 4 bikes are available.

Clothes Racks

RV clothes rack

If you are camping for an extended period and need to do some hand washing as we do, a ladder mounted clothes rack is a convenient way to dry your clothes or even just for wet bathing suits. A rope strung between the awning supports will also work.

Surge Protector

Surge protector

As we have found on our RV travels not all RV parks are created equal and the same goes for their electrical power systems. We have heard horror stories of all the electrical appliances in some RVers suffering with burned out appliances.

A surge protector is a good addition to your necessary equipment.

Trailer A-frame Cargo Carrier

A-frame cargo carrier

This interesting invention allows for up to 300 lbs to be stored above the propane bottles on the front of your travel trailer a great place for a generator or whatever.



Rear Cargo Carriers

cargo carrier

If you need extra cargo space a good place is the rear of your trailer, all you need is a bolt on 2″ receiver adapter and then slide one of these carriers into the receiver just as you would a trailer hitch.

The accessories mentioned in this article are available at Camping World.com click here to check them out.

Under Chassis Storage Container

This is a great idea for storing light items with capacity up to 100 lbs. This unit mounts under most 5th wheel or travel trailer frames and provides access from both sides of your rig. This is one of the best solutions I have found for easy access storage.

Leveling Blocks

RV leveling blocks

I previously considered leveling blocks as an unnecessary expense, so I cut myself a few pieces of 2×6 and used them as levelers. They work well but take up much more storage area than the plastic leveling blocks.

Shower Pocket Organizer

Shower pocket organizer

We have always had issues in the shower with the shampoo etc., this organizer hangs on the door or shower curtain. It has 6 mesh holders and works excellent. We have tried the organizers that attach to the walls with suction cups but they always end up on the floor.

RV Cover

Rv cover

If you store your RV outside it is necessary to cover it. If you plan on a complete cover I do not recommend using a generic tarp, these do not breathe and may cause the growth of mildew or worse too much condensation on the interior your rig. The condensation can raise havoc with wood causing it to swell as well as corrosion on metal and wiring. If you need to use a tarp, just cover the top so condensation can dissipate. A proper RV cover is necessary if a full enclosure is needed.

The accessories mentioned in this article are available at Camping World.com click here to check them out.

Outside Lighting

Solar lights

There are many solar lights for your camp from table lights to flag pole lights and path lights. For the interior several options including multicolor LED Light Strip Kit for under-cabinet, under-counter and decorative areas.

Electric Heaters

Electric fireplace

For those cool mornings in the RV park it’s handy to have an electric heater to take the chill off. Forced air heaters as well as electric fireplaces are available.




These are a few of the accessories you may find useful when you’re enjoying your RV travels. They are available at Camping World.com Click here to check them out. I hope you have found this article useful.

I have created a comprehensive list of equipment and items you may need for your RV travels click here to check out my list.


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  1. Great suggestions. We are about to hit the road traveling with work for the next year plus and these recommended accessories will be in mind when we get going! Great read.

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