RV Travel – desert boating & fishing

Boating  and fishing in the desert..............I know..... what have I been smokin. Well believe it or not during the winter months there is some excellent boating and great fishing in the southwest desert. Many "lakes" most are man made reservoirs. Dams have been built to redirect the water for irrigation or for flood control and the result is some good size bodies of water. Some of the reservoirs water levels are down in the fall but are pumped full in the spring to allow for irrigation Read more [...]

RV Travel – ATV Adventures

This just one of the activities that you can enjoy on your RV adventures, because it is still winter I will concentrate on the US southwest.  This mostly desert area offers many opportunities, hiking and even boating and fishing, but more about that in the next article. I recommend a detailed atlas for RV traveling click here to check out atlases. The Colorado river basin seems to offer all of these activities but be aware most require a licence of some kind. ATV, UTV, OHV, & boats Read more [...]

RV Destinations – Colorado River

As I am writing this article there is snow on the ground and the thermometer is registering some silly temperature way below the freezing mark and to top it off there is about three feet of snow on the ground, brrrrrrrrrrrrr. It’s early January and for some RVer’s; time to head to warmer climates. Lynda (my wife) and I live in the northwest so the southwest is usually our RV destination at least for part of the winter and early spring. Southern California or Arizona are our preferred destinations. Read more [...]


If you travel and most of us do, you will need good maps. I have found that almost all over the counter maps are not adequate for RV travel. Maps.com have thousands of maps of all the countries of the world, the states, provinces and territories as well. My favorite are the soft covered atlas. Each atlas covers one state in great detail, with different types of maps including recreation and landscape. Click here to check out Maps.com. Read more [...]

Retired RV Travel – the when = the where.

"RETIRED"....... wow........... what a fantastic word. Now add the other two "RV TRAVEL" These three words mean so much, a generation ago this was an unattainable dream. My parents would not even think of doing something so magnificent. But in this day and age it is not only possible but attainable for most of us who have worked all our lives and saved a bit. My wife and I have been enjoying retired RV travel for 10 years and have only scratched the surface of the places we want Read more [...]

Snowbirds – The Southern Migration

  Which is the real "Snow bird"? Both are snow birds............ Snowbirds the grounded type........... usually retired folks from Canada and the northern states head south sometime in the fall, winter, or early spring. This migratory species seems to have an affliction for cold weather and especially snow, hence the name. Why pay full price for RV parks? Happy Camper member pay 50%. Click here to check out my review.   Thousands flock south.... While your Read more [...]

Boondocking in Your RV (Dry Camping)

  Boondocking........living off the land, hunting your own meat, growing your own corn and grinding it for flour. Well maybe I am getting a little carried away, but I think that this what comes to some people minds when you mention this word.   Living like the Pilgrims did........... not so much. Boondocking or dry camping is basically living without hooking up to water, electricity, and sewer, living off your stored water, battery power Read more [...]

Full Time RV Retirement Lifestyle is it for You ?????

  Terrifying....Life Changing.....Interesting.....Exciting.....Alternative Life Style.......Food for thought? When you think of..........." Full Time RV Retirement Lifestyle" ........ which word comes to your mind?.....probably most of them, at least they do for me.   After you're retired, traveling in an RV is a great way to see the world . You can spend as much time as you wish where ever you wish. You can spend your time enjoying an active retirement lifestyle or you Read more [...]

RV Driving and Manuvering

So your RV is out of storage, or you're sitting in your brand new RV in the show room waiting to take delivery, how exciting! Your rig is ready for the road, your rigs maintenance is up to date, and you've done a pre-trip check. You're loaded.....oops I mean you're all packed up and ready for the road? Now there're a few things to consider. It's important to make sure your RV is packed properly and evenly distributing the weight evenly through your RV. UFOs - scary nothing worse then heading Read more [...]

Living the RV Travel Dream Tips & Answers