RV timeshare – who would have guessed?

Well I have heard of timeshares but only recently have I heard the new expression RV timeshare. The word timeshare  gives many people a sick feeling in their stomach, most people who have traveled especially to Mexico have been coerced, hoodwinked, shanghaied, or otherwise enticed to attend a timeshare presentation. Timeshare itself is a fantastic idea and a great way to enjoy a less expensive vacation for a week or two.  The problem is the scoundrels that manage and work in the timeshare Read more [...]

RV Travel – March Spring training Cactus & Grapefruit league

March is just about here and with it comes major league baseball spring training camp in the sunny south. What a great way to spend a warm sunny afternoon! the cactus league Where else can you go and see half of the Major Leagues' 30 teams play without ever having to drive more than 47 miles, and often times much shorter distances? That would be the Cactus League, where 15 teams prepare for the season in a relatively tight radius surrounding Phoenix, Ariz. It is here where the ballparks Read more [...]

How to keep fit while RV traveling.

I am on vacation can't I take a break from working out? If you are on vacation for a week or two maybe you can take a break, but if you're retired and travel for a couple of months at a time as we do, you need to exercise to keep your good health.             As everyone seems to be aware of these days our North American sedentary lifestyle and our high fat diet is causing people to leave this planet far too early. It is so important for Read more [...]

RV – Camping clubs – are they worth it?

Have we got a deal for you Many clubs and associations have cropped up over the years under the premise of saving us, the consumer money. While many of them may save a little there isn't too many that actually deliver on their promise. Most of us buy many things on a whim, things we may not truly need, but we want it. The only way any of us actually save money on something is if we need the item or service and we manage somehow to get a deal.           A Read more [...]

RV Warrantys – The Good, Bad or Ugly

There's a can of worms. If you happen to be hanging out with a group of RVers and someone mentions RV warranty, look out....I hope the fan isn't turning. I am not sure why there seems to be so many problems related to RV warranties, but there are many issues that outrages many, including yours truly. One of  the reasons, I suspect, is the RV industry is very volatile. Let's face it unless you are a full timer, an RV is an option not a necessity like a roof over your head and food in your belly. An Read more [...]

RV Security – How to be prepared

As we age I think all of us feel more vulnerable, I'm not sure if this is because we are older, wiser and more aware of our vulnerabilities or is it because we feel weaker in mind and body? Whatever the reason we need to take into account that the more congestion there is around us the greater the chance of someone invading our personal space. Whether our home is robbed or our RV or worse, we suffer a personal attack. A break in or an attack can be a life altering experience. Some people Read more [...]

Renting an RV

    To buy or not to buy So maybe you are considering buying an RV but you're not 100% sure that this type of travel is for you and your family. Renting an RV and taking a trip might be what you need to do to make the final decision. Plan a trip that will encompass as many aspects of RV travel as possible. It will give you a good idea of all the different opportunities. Buying an RV is a big decision and can cost several thousand dollar to several hundred thousand, depending Read more [...]

RV travel – Items that need attention.

A continuation of my previous article on getting ready for the season. A system check must be done to ensure when you head out there are no disappointing surprises. I have covered the basic systems in a previous article RV Travel Preparation click here. Most of the system checks are easily accomplished and will save you a bundle. The Roof Probably one of the most neglected systems on any RV is the roof, outa site outa mind. Obviously it is very important not only to keep you dry Read more [...]

RV Maintenance – things to check

Its early spring, I guess very early....there's still snow on the ground. It's time to think about taking the RV out of moth balls and check out the systems to make sure everything is ship shape for the up coming RV camping season. There are many things to checkout and three of the most important items are tires, wheel bearings and brakes. Maybe you remember heading out and seeing at least one RV on the side of the freeway with a flat or wheel missing. Wheel bearings Whether you have a monster Read more [...]

RV Products & Accessories

When you purchase an RV especially your first, you will soon realize they are not all inclusive...... like some resorts. They do not come with all things you need to make your travels comfortable and more enjoyable. In this article I suggest many RV products and services, many of them we use, some we don't, no one needs everything. You can feel confident that these products or services are of good quality and operate as expected.  Amazon.com or Amazon.ca I use Amazon products frequently I Read more [...]

Living the RV Travel Dream Tips & Answers