Our Snowbird RV Tour – Palm Springs

This is my 5th article on our Snowbird RV tour to the southwest desert. To read from the beginning click on this link https://rvretirementtravel.com/our-snowbird-rv-tour-snowbird-destinations Day 9 Palm Spring is a great place to visit during the winter months, there are many activities and attractions including golf, shopping, and polo. It's early February, the weather is perfect, warm and sunny although rain and wind do happen in the southwest desert this time of year. Cahuilla Lake is Read more [...]

Our Snowbird Tour – Cahuilla Lake, Ca

Day 7 Another glorious southern California morning greeted us as we rose from our respective RVs. Spending winter in the cold and rainy northwest makes you appreciate a chance to enjoy the warm sunshine if you are lucky enough to do so. Retirement is great. The previous day I spotted a stack of firewood in Lois and Anthony’s (Our Boondockers Welcome friends) back yard, during my rare and brief conversations with Anthony, I asked if he knew where we could purchase firewood? I explained that Read more [...]

Our RV Snowbird Tour – Warm Weather

Day 5 The next morning brought beautiful warm sunshine under cloudless skies. The morning temperature was a bit cool, but the sunshine more than compensated for the coolness. Lois and Anthony’s home was a good place to rest after the four-day drive from Canada. Several maintenance issues cropped up after we arrived. Ralph's Issue A rear tire on Ralph’s truck began to lose air immediately after parking. At first, he thought a nail or something similar, but a closer look revealed tread Read more [...]

Our Spring Snowbird RV Trip – Hitting The Road

I must apologize to my readers, internet access problems have delayed my postings since the beginning of our trip. Day 1 Traveling during winter months can be challenging, special attention to the weather along the route is vital if you don't want to encounter snow and ice covered roads. This kind of weather at the very least could delay your trip or worse, cause and accident. I learned the hard way to keep a close eye on route weather. One trip south we had to park on the side of the road for Read more [...]

Our Snowbird RV Tour- Snowbird Destinations

If you are a regular reader of my web page you know I just finished writing our Alaska RV tour conclusion. I am happy to say we're starting another RV tour,...... you gotta love retirement. It's time for our annual spring snowbird trip to the southwest. The gang is anxious to hit the road and enjoy some warmer weather. In the northwest, most of December and January were colder with more snow than anyone can remember. The temperatures seemed like 100 degrees colder, too cold to do much outside. Read more [...]

Alaskan RV Tour – Conclusion

Our Alaska RV Tour - Conclusion Our Alaska RV Tour was a great trip, of the bucket list variety. We traveled over 7000 kilometers in 36 days, Driving time of about 90 hours, an average of 2.5 hours per day. A circle route starting in southern BC heading north on highway 97. Then west on highway 16, north along the Cassiar highway to the Yukon Border, from here we drove the Alaska Hwy. to Whitehorse and then the Klondike Hwy. to Dawson City. From Dawson City, we climbed to the Top of the World Read more [...]

Our Alaskan RV Tour – Day 32 – Raven Lake to Watch Lake

Day 32 - The last day at Raven Lake Cloud cover and showers overnight, a warmer night than the previous two. By morning the shower subsided. We decided on rain gear for this morning's venture onto the lake. I was the hero this AM landing three beauties before the winds pick up and the skies opened hurling torrents of rain, lucky for the rain gear. Time to call it a day, it seemed even the fish didn't care for the weather. We motored to the boat dock dropping Ralph and me to fetch the truck and Read more [...]

Our Alaska RV Tour – Day 29 – Raven Lake

The RV dump at William's Lake Stampede grounds was convenient and free, perfect. When we arrived Henry and Allison had an announcement, they needed to return home soon as a family issue had developed. They still had a week. Davie lake had no cel service, once we entered Williams Lake Henry and Allyson's phones went crazy with an overload of emails and texts from their family. The rest of the group were not disappointed, everyone was ready to return home. We'd been on the road for more than Read more [...]

Our Alaskan RV Tour – Day 27 – Chetwynd to Davie lake BC

Day 27 Chetwynd to Davie Lake The group rose early to clouds, sun and 10 C. We emptied our holding tanks and refilled our fresh water tanks ready for another couple of dry camping days at Davie Lake, 70 kilometers north of Prince George. My truck dash clock read 8:30 am as we pulled onto highway 97, earlier departure than usual. With any luck, we should arrive at Davie Lake by noon, we are planning to stay for a couple of days weather permitting and try our luck fishing. The sky darkened and Read more [...]

Snowbirds – The Winter Escape

It's the time of the year when retired folks plan a winter getaway. The Christmas season is over, the kids and grandkids are heading home to their jobs and school. The house seems empty. After the busy holiday season, a trip south is something to look forward to, leave the cold and bad weather behind for warmth and sunshine. Thousands of Snowbirds flock south to escape winter, some leave in the fall before Christmas, while others wait till after the holidays, enjoying time with family. Some Read more [...]

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