Our 2015 Spring Trip South – The Characteres

    I am in my sixties and the longer I live the more fascinated I am with the people who walk this planet. Some people may think others are strange but we are all strange in our own way, besides what would I write about if we were all the same and what a boring place the world would be. I have met several interesting specimens at our current digs. The first….. our new found friends   When we arrived at this BLM area south of Cottonwood on hwy 260 (my previous Read more [...]

Our Spring 2015 Trip South – Cottonwood Az. Attractions

  We are still just south of Cottonwood Az. at a BLM site. We had a couple of days with isolated showers, with cooler temperatures but not jacket weather, very pleasant. We have taken time out of our relaxed schedule to visit several interesting historical sites in the area. Montezuma's Castle Cliff dwellings  along beaver creek, not sure why it's called  beaver creek, it seems none of these critters live here, or maybe its a different species of beaver that I am thinking of. The Read more [...]

Our Spring Trip 2015 – Hot Hot

  It’s the middle of March and we were trying to stay in the desert till the end of the month, if the snakes or heat didn’t chase us out sooner. Well as it happens we are leaving tomorrow for the Sedona, Az. area, and it wasn’t the rattle snakes. It was the heat. The daily highs are reaching 90 F - 30+C, and higher in our trailer which isn’t hot for Arizona and we could probably tolerate the heat but it takes till midnight for it to be comfortable enough for sleep. I Read more [...]

Our Spring Trip 2015 – the hazards of the desert

  We have arrived at our boon docking destination in the Arizona desert. Our goal is to try to stay for a month. If the heat or snakes don’t drive us out sooner. There’s an RV park 5 miles down the road where we can dump our tanks and replenish our fresh water, the Wayside Inn. Their water comes from a well, you can actually drink it which is usually not the case in Arizona. We were here last year for a couple of weeks so we know the lay of the land. Well maybe just familiar. By Read more [...]

Our 2015 spring trip south – 2nd leg

We crossed the border without incident if you don’t count Mr. Grumpy, as no incident, he demanded that I remove my sun glasses, where was our ID, I guess he wanted to see my beautiful eyes. Oh and, “what is the license number of your trailer”. I hadn’t a clue so out I got and hustled to the back of the trailer, to retrieve the license number, I am sure the other border crossers to the rear were thinking, ”rooky”. My navigator explained after we left Mr.Grumpy that she said, “you Read more [...]

Our Spring Trip South 2015 – the first leg

In a previous article I mentioned we were planning our annual or some years semi- annual migration to the southwestern states. In other years we usually leave earlier, January sometime, but this year I thought I would delay our trip to do some snowmobiling. Our Home at the lake I should fill you in on our area. We live in a small recreational community on a lake in the Okanagan / Similkameen area of British Columbia. We are 30 km from a paved highway and 40 km from the closest town of Princeton, Read more [...]

RV timeshare – who would have guessed?

Well I have heard of timeshares but only recently have I heard the new expression RV timeshare. The word timeshare  gives many people a sick feeling in their stomach, most people who have traveled especially to Mexico have been coerced, hoodwinked, shanghaied, or otherwise enticed to attend a timeshare presentation. Timeshare itself is a fantastic idea and a great way to enjoy a less expensive vacation for a week or two.  The problem is the scoundrels that manage and work in the timeshare Read more [...]

RV Travel – March Spring training Cactus & Grapefruit league

March is just about here and with it comes major league baseball spring training camp in the sunny south. What a great way to spend a warm sunny afternoon! the cactus league Where else can you go and see half of the Major Leagues' 30 teams play without ever having to drive more than 47 miles, and often times much shorter distances? That would be the Cactus League, where 15 teams prepare for the season in a relatively tight radius surrounding Phoenix, Ariz. It is here where the ballparks Read more [...]

How to keep fit while RV traveling.

I am on vacation can't I take a break from working out? If you are on vacation for a week or two maybe you can take a break, but if you're retired and travel for a couple of months at a time as we do, you need to exercise to keep your good health.             As everyone seems to be aware of these days our North American sedentary lifestyle and our high fat diet is causing people to leave this planet far too early. It is so important for Read more [...]

RV – Camping clubs – are they worth it?

Have we got a deal for you Many clubs and associations have cropped up over the years under the premise of saving us, the consumer money. While many of them may save a little there isn't too many that actually deliver on their promise. Most of us buy many things on a whim, things we may not truly need, but we want it. The only way any of us actually save money on something is if we need the item or service and we manage somehow to get a deal.           A Read more [...]

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