RV Travel – Getting Around After Setting Up Camp

One of the conundrums of some RV travelers is how to get around after you have dropped anchor at your favorite RV destination. Those who are not equipped with some other form of transport will need to navigate their rig through downtown traffic to get a loaf of bread or some other necessary sundry, like wine. Some have solved the problem with a tow vehicle or those with a trailer have their truck and once uncoupled are good to go. One popular alternative is the golf cart/car especially Read more [...]

Big Boy Toys – The Side by Side

  Today’s retired Rvers seem to be more active compared to a few years back, when getting to a spot, setting up camp and relaxing (sitting around), was the norm. I’m not sure why Rving back then was more about relaxing than doing, maybe it was a lack of money, maybe they were older and didn’t have the energy or desire to do anything except take a short stroll around their immediate area.   I’m thinking maybe the length of time we are spending in our Rvs has increased Read more [...]

The Arizona Book Club – a less than conventional convention

When RV traveling to Arizona there are various groups you may be invited to join if the fickle members are so inclined and in the opinion of one of the charter members you have something to offer. The Clubs I have been invited to join several of these clubs. The pickle ball club was the first to approach me, but after a couple of games my invitation was quickly withdrawn and I was sent crying to my mom. The next was the Yoga club, but and I mean butt, because apparently you need to get Read more [...]

RV Batteries – Things You Should Know

Batteries are the life blood of most vehicles and RV's, if your battery dies you're done, whether in your car or RV. If your RV has an engine, such as a motor home, you will have two battery systems. One system is to start your engine and run your in-dash systems, the same as any vehicle. The other system supplies 12-volt battery power to some of the household appliances and fixtures such as lights, refrigerator (a propane fridge needs 12-volt power to operate), stove hood fan, vent fan, Read more [...]

Motor Cycle Tours of Arizona

  Although riding in Arizona may not be as spectacular as some other areas there is still some great rides and the best part is you don’t have to wait for a nice day. The weather is usually great, except for the summer when it can be way too hot even on a motor bike. It seems that many more retirees, as well as many others, are taking to the road on motorcycles. I’m not sure the reasons for the increase, maybe the cost of fuel or maybe just the freedom of the open road with the Read more [...]

A Day in the Life of a Retired Rver.

By the time an Rver is ready to retire from the road many thousands miles have passed under his rig and the call of the wandering road is fading, He's ready to park it for good. We will all reach this milestone and another stage of life begins. Some of us will make the transition gracefully and others not so much. I guess getting old is a bonus otherwise if you're not getting old you're………..? After retiring from the joys of RV traveling, life becomes a little less exciting and a little Read more [...]

A Park Model in the Warm South – Is it for You?

  On our continuing spring travels in Arizona we have left our BLM camp in Cottonwood and headed south to Surprise, a suburb in the north west corner of Phoenix. Surprise is a new community with all the modern conveniences within a short drive, including many popular restaurants, shopping and several spring league baseball stadiums. Of course several golf courses that provide all levels of play are close. It’s the end of March and the temperatures in the south are heating up high Read more [...]

Sedona Az.- Is it Worth the Trip?

 In a word "yes". One of the scenic wonders. Fort Verde Our trip begins with a drive south east of our BLM camp to Camp Verde and Fort Verde an historic cavalry fort built on the banks of the Verde River. The fort was built int 1800’s to house some 300 troop during the Indian uprising of the 1800’s. I was surprised and disappointed to learn that most of the forts of that period did not have high walls surrounding an interior compound, as in the movies. The Indians rarely attacked Read more [...]

How Can I Retire – The Answers

Is this a dream or can it be reality? Retirement will be a reality for most of us. It depends on when you would like to retire, what are your retirement dreams and what kind of life style you envision. Are you dreaming about traveling the world and staying in the best hotels, or are you going to hitch hike north America and stay in hostels or the cheapest hotels or even stay in a tent? Most of us probably have dreams somewhere in the middle, although some may be content with staying close to home Read more [...]

RV Retirement Options – Some Ideas

It is the last week of March and my wife, Lynda, our dog Buddy and I are RV boon docking on BLM land in central Arizona. Within half a mile are twenty plus RV’s of all shapes and sizes, even tents. We have been here almost two weeks and during that time I have had the opportunity to visit with various neighbors and learn their stories. While many are just spending a retirement winter somewhere warm until they head north to their homes, some are living their retirement dream and living in Read more [...]

Living the RV Travel Dream Tips & Answers