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Lynda and I normally take our annual southern trip in the early spring but this year we are heading south in the fall and we are traveling with friends, two other couples.

We are heading out together in late Oct. (less than a week, as I am writing this). The plan is to meander down the Pacific coast of the US, starting in Washington State just west of Seattle, traveling 4 to 6 hrs a day enjoying the amazing scenery. We have done this trip previously but it has been many years since, our children were young and my mother was with us.

I will be writing about our trip whenever I get a chance, we will be driving almost every day for the first week or so.

I was asked to plan the trip, I guess because we have traveled south many times since retirement, and our friends read my blog. I guess they think I know what I am talking about………….got them fooled LOL.

We plan to be away for about 6+ weeks, from the end of Oct. till mid Dec. The decision to leave in Oct. was to allow enough time for our trip and still time to return home for Christmas preparations. Also the hot temperatures in the south will have eased a little by the time we arrive mid Nov. Although it may be a little wet on the north coast.

Weather and temperature can determine your destination and your route. Click here to check out my article on this subject.

I am not sure how we came up with the idea of the Pacific coast, but it should be an easy, relaxed trip on the windy coast road. The scenery will be the highlight of the trip although stops at the Oregon Dunes, Napa Valley for wine tours and San Francisco on Halloween will be fun.

The Group
The Group – from left Lynda, L, R, H, A, Buddy in the middle, I’m taking the picture.

I will refer to our friends as H & A, R & L and of course ourselves, my famous wife Lynda and me the hunt and pecker.. Gord (typer/writer)

I am not using their names only initials because one afternoon during a very happy hour in our backyard around the campfire, we were discussing our upcoming trip together. I happened to mention that I was going to blog about our trip……….well, ‘ L’ said,” don’t you need to ask permission to write about us?” I said no, I don’t think so but……….. I am going to make you famous.

I have no idea whether or not I need permission to write about my friends. I am sure there will be more discussions about my remarks before we leave. Anyway the subject seemed to drift away as everyone continued to get happy.

I AM going to writing about our trip, and I hope ‘L’ is not too upset, I will try and say something nice about everyone before we start our trip. Like my mother always said, “if you can’t say something nice don’t say anything at all.” So if I am not mentioning someone…….. you know why?

Maybe I should apologize for something I may say or something I may not say…………I guess you could call it paying it forward?


So back to the Group, I will start with ‘L’,………. she seems to be the center of attention so far. ‘L’ was a bank manager, the boss of a bank branch, the queen if you will, and now she frequently states,”I don’t want to be the boss any longer, ‘R’ (her husband) is now the boss,” as she suggests (not ordering) him (‘R’) to go to the wine cellar and fetch a new bottle and pour.

‘L’ was able to retire very young? I guess working in the bank must pay well?…………. Handling all that money you need to be trustworthy,……..right????


‘R’ as I mentioned, (the husband of ‘L’), is older than ‘L’ and as you may have guessed a very patient man, he should have been named ‘J’ from the Bible….. ‘L’, being much younger is always ready to have a glass, and ‘R’ also joins the moment to keep his sanity. He is equal to the challenge of keeping up with his young wife.

His type of work requires great patience.

‘R'(husband of ‘L’) before retirement was a businessman, operating a garage door sales and installation business until, I think, hip problems. He was on his knees much of the time (not sure how that relates to hips?) …………..begging ‘L’ I expect.

Then ‘R’ had to give up the business, hip or knee problems again, I think. He became a logistics expert for his garage door supplier. ‘R’ has had his issues over the years receiving 2 concussions to his head, the last one happening in the last hour of his last day of work before retirement……terrible bad luck.

He was dismounting his large truck……(humm that sounds strange?) and fell backwards hitting his head causing a skull fracture and a brain bleed. Lucky he was still on the payroll so worker’s compensation would pay as he recovers. After 10 months, ‘R’ is doing much better but still suffering from headaches, and other stuff.

The reason I mentioned ‘R”s injury is, last spring was going to be their first trip south after retirement and because of the accident it had to be delayed. ‘L’ has not been happy about the delay.

‘A’ & ‘H’ The Other Couple.

The baby of the group by far and the wife of ‘H’ the senior member of the group, yes the youngest women is with the oldest man, not sure what that’s all about, but there seems to be something in common with ‘R’? Although ‘R”s wife is not as young as ‘A’.

‘A’ even though the youngest, does not concede anything to us older farts. She, before retirement was a successful business owner with her husband ‘H’. Together they owned and managed a chain of furniture stores.

‘A’ started her business career at a young age in the financial department of her father’s business. She quickly rose to the head of two departments financial and security after discovering an embezzler in the company and setting a trap to catch the culprit.

She eventually took over the company with her husband ‘H’, he maintains he was not after the boss’s daughter, she was after him, believe it or not??..LOL


The elder statesman of the group with his distinguished reseeding hair line, deep blue eyes and his weakness for his younger wife,…. ‘A’.

‘H’ loves to go fishing with ‘A’ and sometimes even in the water, he is by far the most successful of the group,……… oh, at fishing I mean. ‘H’ even bought a boat for our upcoming trip down the Pacific coast of the USA. A small inflatable with oars and even a small motor, I didn’t have the heart to mention that it may be a little inadequate for the stormy 50 ft waves of the west coast. But…….. he is used to a challenge being married to ‘A’.

It reminds me of another friend who would often exclaim, “It may be tiny but it is some cute”, not sure what he was talking about, but I don’t think it was ‘H”s boat? maybe some other part of ‘H’.

‘H’ loves to drop in on Vegas where they receive him like royalty. Entertaining him in the most elegant of suites, the finest dining and free gambling money. He is always rubbing shoulders with the most important of celebrities like…..myself and the rest in our group, not…LOL

Well there you have it The Group, the people Lynda and I will be guiding along the Pacific coast.

I am certain we will all have a wonderful time and lots of laughs.

Traveling in a group can be a challenge from time to time, especially if some of the individuals are blessed with a strong personality and are not willing to compromise. However in our group we all have strong personalities, but with age comes patience and tolerance ??……….. sounds like a quote from dear Abby. The opposite is probably more true.

We have traveled with ‘A’ and ‘H’ before. Previous to this trip we spent 5 weeks traveling southern Arizona. It was a great experience. ‘A’ & ‘H’ are easy going and are game to try most things.

The advantage of traveling with others is that often you may expose yourself……. to a different experience that you would not normally try. (humm doesn’t sound right, maybe my proof reader (Lynda) will catch it??)

Safety in numbers is also an advantage especially when boondocking. We have had experiences where we have stopped for the night where other RVers are parked, just to find ourselves alone a few hours later, and feeling very exposed?? there it is again, LYNDA HONEY…… YOU’RE NOT LISTENING….????

I hope you have enjoyed this article I will continue to tell the stories  of our trip.

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Thanks for visiting.

Gord B.





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  1. Well we are just beginning day 5 of our trip, and it has been a great time….. even with Gord along. We are certainly enjoying the entertainment of the group. You are doing a great job Gord, and I can only thank a higher power that you have Lynda to proof read and edit.
    ” A “

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