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Mid summer night

When we are on the road Lynda says I’m always impatient to get moving in the mornings. Maybe she’s right. I like to do most of our travelling in the mornings when it’s cool and our energy levels are high. It seems once we stop for lunch its more of an effort to continue.

Driving a big rig is tiring, you need to be alert as I found out the hard way. Check out my previous article to see the hard way.

With a big rig or even pulling a small trailer you take up more space on the road and cannot maneuver or stop as fast as with a passenger car.

Once awake we can usually pull up stakes and be back on the road in 30 min. Enough time to brew a pot of coffee.


Lynda fills a coffee thermos, prepares a simple driving breakfast and off we go. Once I have sipped several cups of coffee its time to eat.  We are not fast food people, not that we don’t enjoy a greasy burger and fries from time to time, but we can’t afford the extra calories.

My favorite driving breakfast is a banana with peanut butter in a  wrap or tortilla. Easy to eat and fills the void without stopping.

Some time in the morning or definitely by noon we are low on fuel. While I am refueling, Lynda prepares lunch. Again something that can be eaten while driving, a sandwich on home made wheat bread is usually the on the menu, or sometimes pepperoni, cheese and crackers, and always fruit.

Once we stop for the night it us usually something Lynda has prepared before we left home. A frozen entree that was intentionally left over. Lynda always cooks more food than we can eat when we are anticipating a trip. Consequently we can have quick meals while on the road.

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That’s Lynda in the middle.

Finally I have convinced my lovely and talented wife to drag herself away from her quilting to contribute something to my website, wonderful comments from my readers would go along way to encourage her to contribute more often. Thanks

Travelling Meals, by Lynda

Beside cooking larger meals and freezing the left overs, there are other things you can do to minimize the time to prepare meals when you are travelling.

Cook up a large batch of ground meat with onions, celery, spices, etc. to make one/some of the following:

Chili… cooked ground meat, add kidney beans, black beans, pork and beans, tomatoes, peppers, tomato paste, spices of your choice.
Spaghetti sauce… cooked ground meat, add your favorite pasta sauce, grated carrots, peppers (any color) maybe extra onions, Italian spices, (sun ripened tomatoes add a nice extra flavor), a bit of beef broth or BBQ sauce.


Tacos… Prepare lettuce, tomatoes, grated cheese, refried beans, avocado , add ground meat and serve on tortilla wraps or prepared tacos.

Taco salad….. Ground meat, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, kidney beans, toss in taco chips and add 1000 island dressing to taste.

Mac & Cheese…..mac & cheese mix and add ground meat and onions.

Hamburger soup….  Canned tomatoes, beef broth, veggies of choice (carrots, green beans, celery), barley, spices.


Pizza…. Pizza shell, Add pizza sauce, cooked ground meat, top with veggies of choice and grated cheese.

other ideas;

Stew…. Stewing meat, potatoes, carrots, green beans, peas, turnips, parsnips, gravy. Click here to check out 12 volt slow cooker and stove for cooking while driving.

Meatloaf…. Raw ground meat with whole wheat bread crumbs, egg, BBQ sauce, onions, garlic, spices… Can be prepared, cooked, frozen and then used for a meal or sandwiches.

Cook up bacon or sausages in advance to add to a breakfast sandwich.

Make your own breakfast sandwiches… English muffins, bacon or sausage, fried egg, slice of cheese …prepare in advance and freeze




Boil eggs to add to green salad, potato salad,  make deviled egg sandwiches or use as celery filling.



I hope you have enjoyed this article and it is some help to you on your RV/camping trips.

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Myself waiting for dinner

6 thoughts on “Our Traveling Menu”

  1. Thank you for the great food ideas. We are beginning RVers after doing a lot of tent trailer traveling when we had children at home. Spending the rest of this summer on Vancouver Island and then wintering the RV in the Calgary area to be ready for longer travels next spring. The cost to ferry the RV across is horrendous.
    Once will be enough.
    Take care and happy travels.
    Carl & Colleen

    1. its nice to read your comments. I have articles on traveling south if you are into the US. I hope you enjoy my website it should answer many of your questions about RVing. It there is something you need to know please contact me.

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