Our Snowbird RV Tour – Palm Springs

Cahuilla Lake, La Quinta California
Cahuilla Lake, La Quinta California
This is my 5th article on our Snowbird RV tour to the southwest desert. To read from the beginning click on this link https://rvretirementtravel.com/our-snowbird-rv-tour-snowbird-destinations
Day 9
Palm Spring is a great place to visit during the winter months, there are many activities and attractions including golf, shopping, and polo.
It’s early February, the weather is perfect, warm and sunny although rain and wind do happen in the southwest desert this time of year.
Cahuilla Lake is a state recreation area, a perfect place for RVers to camp for a reasonable price and to be close to the Palm Springs.
Golf course next to Cahuilla Lake, La Quinta
Golf course next to Cahuilla Lake, La Quinta
The group settled in enjoying the 80 plus degree temperatures, the warmest yet on our Snowbird RV tour.
Saturday morning brought more sunshine and a warm breeze that increased through the day.
A visit to the Palm Desert street fair was the plan for this day. A pleasant way to spend the day although the group was not impressed at the overpriced outdoor affair that offered mostly commercially produced women’s clothes and accessories.
The street fair was held at the Palm Desert College, a crowded venue after a quarter mile walk. All was not lost, I picked up a pair of polarized sunglasses for $20. and an assortment of electrical connectors for $12.
The centralized food fair was the highlight for the group, hot dogs and fries for the guys and salad for the women.
We returned to camp late afternoon, the wind subsided making for a pleasant evening around the campfire. The temperature cooled through the evening and overnight nice for sleeping.
Day 10
Sunday and a day off for the group with more wind keeping us indoors for most of the day.
After retiring, every day is the same, weekdays’ flow into weekends with nothing special to set them apart. Saturday and Sunday are just another day to us retired folk.
During happy hour one evening the subject came up Lois and Ralph pointed out that weekends should still be special so they decided to have a treat of coffee and baileys. Lynda and I thought this was an excellent idea and adopted this ritual. Hooray for the weekend.
Evening campfire, Cahuilla Lake, California
Evening campfire, Cahuilla Lake, California
Day 11
We woke to calm winds and warmer temperatures and glorious sunshine.
Monday another retirement day, although not as special as the weekend, no baileys in our coffee this morning.
Back to the grind, Ralph was running low on propane and Mike and I needed some parts for our RVs so a run to town was necessary.
One would think that an area the size of Palm Springs would have plenty of propane outlets, not so. The simple chore of refilling a propane tank turned into a day long ordeal. We asked at the RV parts store where we might find a propane outlet.
The clerk gave us directions to an intersection but on arrival, no propane.  Next a google search spit out an address that took us to the middle of a subdivision, again no luck.
After finding our way back out of the subdivision we stopped at a 7/11 for directions that took us to a gas station under renovations, no propane.
Another stop at a gas station nearby, more wrong directions, finally another google search and sixty miles we found propane, only to discover somewhere along the way Ralph had dropped his wallet.
A quick conference and a decision to retrace our route and hopefully turn up the missing wallet. After checking our stops no wallet had been found.
We headed back to camp Mike and I tried to cheer up an unhappy Ralph, explaining that everything could be replaced, although inconvenient it was not the end of the world.
We arrived back at camp with the grim news, Ralph sat dejected in his camp chair contemplating his next move when Lois dashed around the corner of their RV and announced someone had found Ralph’s wayward wallet.
The good samaritan checked Ralph’s driver license and called information with Ralph’s name and address getting a phone number in Canada.
He talked to Ralph and Lois’s daughter who relayed the message to Lois. By this time the group had gathered around listening to the details, with relief on everyone’s face.
Back on the road went Mike and Ralph to retrieve his wallet. After returning to camp Ralph explained the person who found his wallet was of Mexican decent and would not accept any kind of reward or compensation for his troubles, explaining it would be wrong to take money for doing what was right.
Special individuals such as this man confirm the world is full of decent principled people. The saying ‘alls well that ends well’ comes to mind……. what a day!!!!!
The all-day ordeal was topped with a small celebration of wine, snacks and a campfire.
Day 12
Another warm sunny day. Mike had mentioned during planning the trip he and Kris would like to enjoy a round of golf or two on our trip. Of course, the Palm Springs area is a golf mecca. They were thrilled at the chance of getting a head start two months early. Ralph and I joined them for a round at a smaller course in Palm Desert. A shorter course would be perfect for our first outing. I guess you have to expect premium prices for golf in the Palm Springs area.
We found a course in Palm Desert, Shadow Mountain Golf for $45, not bad considering it’s in Palm Springs. Even though the course was shorter after 15 holes our foursome was done, tired out.
We voted to head back to camp, the 80+ temperatures had taken a toll on the group, although no one complained.
Back at camp Lynda and Lois held down the fort spending the day in the warm sunshine reading and relaxing after their ritual morning walk.
We returned to camp at Cahuilla lake and enjoyed a relaxing evening recapping our day of golf around the campfire and of course the customary glass of red vintage.
Day 13
We woke to another sunny day, the group is loving it. Winters in Canada are long and almost sunless, to enjoy such fantastic weather in the middle of winter is truly a blessing from the gods.
Today, the women need a trip to town for supplies and treat themselves to Palm Spring shopping, not that they are concerned about the latest fashions, in fact, a dollar store and Walmart seems to be the highlight of their shopping.
The plan for the guys this day was a morning walk around Cahuilla Lake, wiring Ralph’s inverter to his RV batteries and working on Mike’s leaking sewer cap.
Our walk around the lake was interesting, we spotted many species of waterfowl along with the stars of the show, Big Horn Sheep. Magnificent agile creatures living in the barren mountains around the lake.
Believe it or not, the southern desert is a great place for birding. Waterfowl are abundant in most water areas. My guess, it’s because of limited habitat in the desert.
ig Horn Sheep, Cahuilla Lake, California
Big Horn Sheep, Cahuilla Lake, California
Big Horn Sheep, Cahuilla Lake, California
Big Horn Sheep, Cahuilla Lake, California
We returned from our walk in time for lunch and then chores. Ralph bought the inverter from another camper last year during a boondocking stay near Yuma.
Installing Ralph’s inverter was first on the agenda. He bought the 1000-watt inverter from another camper last year during a boondocking stay near Yuma.
We discussed the mounting and hole drilling options over a beer. In no time several beers were downed, holes were drilled, wire run and the inverter mounted.
Amazingly enough, the project was completed flawlessly, Ralph now had 110-volt power to run his TV, satellite receiver and charging devices.
While Ralph and I were working on Ralph’s inverter, Mike worked on his sewer system.
Mike’s concern was the black water drain valve appeared to be leaking causing a build up behind the cap leading to an unpleasant liquid discharge when removing the cap.
The discharge would cause an embarrassing odor with a difficult cleanup.
Dry camping, Cahuilla lake, Californi
Our dry camp, Cahuilla lake, California
On our trip to the RV store when Ralph lost his wallet, Mike picked up a cap with a threaded hole to which he attached a faucet. His theory when dumping he would open the faucet draining any dark brown water that may have leaked from the holding tank.
A great solution, but all may have been for not, the valve seemed to have quit leaking?
The women arrived back at camp with groceries, beverages and various Walmart and dollar store prizes. Once Mike’s truck was unloaded, it was time for another relaxing clear evening around the campfire.
Even though the daytime temperatures reach the high eighties it is still winter,  and the sun sets early around 5. Following the sunset comes cool evening temperatures requiring the warmth of a jacket or campfire.
Waterfowl on Cahuilla Lake, La Quinta California
Waterfowl on Cahuilla Lake, La Quinta California
Check back soon for my next article on our Snowbird RV tour to the southwest desert.
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