Our Pacific Coast RV Trip – Day 2- 5.

Camped at the Odd Fellows RV Park in Florence Oregon, South Jetty rd.

The next morning we left Quinalt Casino at 9am, ‘H’ indicated this was a good time because the morning rush hour would be winding down and we could enjoy our morning coffee while the work force was tearing around. This would soon become official policy of this group.
After a perfectly uneventful day on the road we arrived in Florence, a stop for fuel at Fred Myers in Astoria and lunch of amazing fish and chips at Best Buoy, 5 pieces of cod and chips for $10, great deal.
In Florence we had planned to stay at South Jetty RV Park, but the helpful attendant in the office said we needed to phone “RV on the go” . ‘R’, whom had been at the dunes many years before suggested another park was farther down, so we opted to try it, sure enough about a block away was the Odd Fellows RV Park.

The person in the office of the Odd Fellows RV park said we had to be members or guests of members and I guess because we looked like upstanding citizens she signed us in as her guests, plus the place was empty. $30 per night full hook ups, not bad.

Oregon dunes, pictures do not do it give a great impression of the vast area

We rode the dunes for 2 days, amazing fun, like snowmobiling, but better in some ways, a blast. The weather was perfect, the storm must have rained itself out during our drive. The next day was warm and sunny and made for a great first time experience for all of us except for ‘R’ & ‘L’. who had been there many times 15 plus years ago. The second day was good except for clouds.

‘R’ standing on a mountain of sand, this hill was taller than the adjacent trees

The dunes are amazing 50 miles long on the Oregon coast and a couple miles across, the dunes take on different shapes and sizes depending on the the winds and rain, from gentle rolling slopes to steep unclimbable cliffs.
Renting sand dune machines is a definite option, and reserving ahead is recommended.
If you have never ridden the dunes, put it on your bucket list and allow several days, you will need time to get into the grove.

Day 5

We awoke to a wet and damp RV park with much condensation in our unit, it had rained several times during the night, so the preparations for the day’s travel were damp.
The next destination, Loleta and The Bear River Casino a 7 hour trip along the Oregon, California coast through the mist left by the latest fall rain storm. Great views of the rugged coast with sun rays piercing the mist like lasers from an unseen space ship.

Giant Redwood tree
A giant redwood tree, a must see

The next visual delight is the massive giant Redwoods, the tallest trees on earth with trunks as big as houses. The highway, in several spots, winds through the Redwoods so close that you could easily collide with one of these giants.
We continued south with periodic glimpses of the magnificent coastline, meandering along highway 101 into California stopping to have a sandwich lunch on the beach at Crescent City. The coastal mist had lifted enough for a pleasant sunny interlude while watching sea gulls fight over an unfortunate crab.
The remainder of the drive to Loleta was pleasantly uneventful except for views of the ocean waves.
We arrive to a warm sunny late afternoon just in time for happy hour. It was just a one night stop so settling the rigs for the night was a simple task limited to dropping the stabilizers.
We enjoyed a couple of our favorite beverages and then decided to check out the casino’s meal options. The options were limited (no buffet), a quick decision was made to try our luck and worry about dinner later.
I quickly found lady luck was frowning, so down $20 I retreated to our rig and took Buddy for a walk. Most of the group saw the same lady’s frown except for Lynda, who danced her way to me exclaiming how she had won $303.….wow. I quickly congratulated her and said “I Love You”……fittin’ I thought.
‘A’ was also in the chips for $100 and later ‘H’ returned with $300. ‘R’ & ‘L’ not so lucky,…..this time!

Bear River Casino, a little poorer after our visit.

Another great day for us poor retired folks…..LOL


I hope you have enjoyed this article and it helps with traveling ideas, Watch for my next article on our trip.

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3 thoughts on “Our Pacific Coast RV Trip – Day 2- 5.”

  1. We just bought a long travel trailer similar to your Winnebago. Do you have any trouble traveling like you do with such a long unit? My husband and I recently retired and I would love to travel around like you do, to the four corners region and also to the Smokey Mountains back east. We live in Nebraska and seem to only travel to the same campground in the same area of South Dakota. We are hesitant to head out to the unknown. Where to camp, roads to take, etc. I so enjoy your articles especiallly these latest ones traveling the west coast. Any advice to these newbies? John and Carmen – Lincoln NE

    1. Its great to here from you, the only aspect of towing a long trailer that I found to be a challenge was remembering to make wide turns. We have been traveling for years. I would recommend finding another couple to travel with at least to start out with. It is more fun and if you have an issue you will have someone along to help.
      I am not sure if you are aware, but there is a Facebook page about RVing and camping in Nebraska. just do a search at the top of the Facebook page. Maybe you will find someone that you connect with. There are thousands of people traveling the country. Every where we stay we meet many travelers like us, we have made some long lasting friends.
      Good luck

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