Our Pacific Coast RV Trip – Day 1

R & L’s rig at Walmart Bellingham.

We met on 264th st. south off 16 ave as was the plan, and proceeded across the US border, all went well, if not breathing for an hour while waiting for each of our fellow RVers to cross, going well then life is good. What a relief.

Next stop Wally world in Bellingham, Wash. for groceries and beverages. I was informed after shopping that this particular Walmart is not top of the line, it lacks variety in certain areas according to our female contingent, it was great for us men, but a bit confusing, too many choices of refreshments, and even though the temptation was to buy one of each we resisted and picked our usual assortment of favorites.

R supervising H as he changes the 1157

One major mechanical issue however did arise while parked at Walmart, ‘R’s 1157 bulb on the rear of his 5er was not working, ‘H’ jumped at the chance to impress us with his Scout like preparedness and plucked the exact bulb from his backup supply as ‘R’ borrowed a philips screw driver from my tool box. Soon we were all sailing down interstate 5 south bound as the real adventure begins.

I, of course being of sound faculties was unanimously elected leader, (actually no one else wanted the task.) The day’s trek was smooth and uneventful with only a couple of stops, the first was for lunch and to dump the honey pots at the rest area exit 207. As I was taking care of the dirty deed ‘A’ walked past and exclaimed “you stink” to which I replied “it’s Lynda, she has been using the bathrooms since May”. The next stop was in Fife at a Loves truck stop just off the I-5, just a note –

If you are traveling in a large rig you can often fill up at many of the truck stops, easier enter and exit, they accept cash or credit in the trucker area. Probably a good idea to check with the head office prior to your trip.

Our first view of the surf at Quinalt Casino, a grey day.

It was afternoon by the time we pulled off the I-5 at Olympia and headed for the Washington coast.  All was good until I realized our route would take us north, the opposite direction of our planned route.

When I discussed this issue with the other two couples over the walkie talkies ’A’ mentioned something about checking our route on a map prior to departing, I guess someone should have, maybe even myself.

My navigator was quickly checking the GPS and the map book for an alternate destination to the south. While this was happening we had entered the small seaside town of  Hoquiam. We were greeted with a succession of red lights. During the confusion and sharp discussions with my navigator (Lynda, my wife), I apparently went through an amber light, leaving ‘R’ & ‘L’ in the dust.

Well,……. because ‘A’ & ‘H’ were following ‘R’ &’L’, the amber light incident was compounded, coupled with the walkie talkie’s intermittent reception, a minor mishap had developed………they were lost.

Quinalt Casino, Washington Coast

I had turned north toward our original destination, after a couple of city blocks I realized ‘R’ & ‘L’ were not following, I pulled over and after a couple of anxious minutes they appeared in the rear view mirror. After a brief discussion we decided to continue on north to the Quinault Casino.

The day was pretty much a success and my first day as group leader was also great, despite some grumblings from almost everyone in the group.

Our first happy hour of the trip.

We settled in for an entertaining happy hour as we relived our first day. After a couple of glasses of our favorite beverage, dinner was consumed and two thirds of our group headed for the casino. Myself and my navigator lasted an hour, after she lost her $20 I adopted the one armed bandit and quickly won $138.

An almost perfect end to an almost perfect day. 

Our long anticipated trip had begun and we were all giddy at the anticipation of things to come. Stay tuned for more on our trip.

The Quinalt casino RV area, plenty of room, dry camping of course

I hope you have enjoyed this article and it helps with traveling ideas, Watch for my next article on our trip.

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