Our Pacific Coast RV Trip

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Lynda and I retired almost 10 years ago. One of of the fantastic benefits of being retired is your time is your own and you may spend it as you wish.

After retirement one of  our bucket items was to travel more, see more of the world. As you know for most of us a full time job limits vacation time. For Lynda and I this was a very real issue.

Having my own business limited my vacations to 2 weeks or less and most years just a week. No one was capable of taking over my responsibilities or so I thought at the time. A longer vacation was a luxury I could not afford time wise. One of the major hurdles when I did take a vacation was the chores I would have to take care of before and after. At the time the extra work seemed to make a vacation more trouble than I needed.

Some people however may take time from work to travel, often referred to as a sabbatical. A sabbatical is simply getting an extended leave from work to pursue a break. People traditionally take a sabbatical to fulfill a goal, build a skill, or do research.

Taking time away from your career can be a great motivator, to refresh, re-energize, take out a new lease on life, as they say.

Air Travel

As I said before one of our retirement goals is to travel more and we have. Europe, the Caribbean, Hawaii, Mexico to mention some. Although it is necessary to fly when traveling to distant destinations our preferred method is in our RV.

busy airport

Traveling by air and staying in hotels and resorts is far too stressful. I am not sure what the answer is, but arriving at the airport 3 hours before flight time is ridiculous. We have spent too many sleepless nights worried about sleeping past 3 am and missing our flight.

We have never missed a flight but we always seem to arrive at our destination exhausted and it takes a couple of days to regain our sense of humor.

It shouldn't take hours to check in and go through security before your flight. Large international airports are not equipped to handle the volume of passengers. The larger the airport the slower the process.

The answer may be to use a smaller airport, although the cost may be higher, but the extra dollars may be worth it. At a smaller airport naturally everything is closer together, the crowds are smaller, the pace is slower and the experience is less stressful.

Our Trip

Oregon Coast
The amazing Pacific Coast

I'm not sure why or how the decision to travel down the Pacific coast in the fall happened. It was probably spawned during a happy hour conversation by the participants, ourselves and 2 other couples.

If my memory serves correct, there seemed to be a sense of urgency at that summer happy hour, probably because the the six of us  were excited to resume traveling.

One couple had their initial retirement trip cancelled due to an untimely injury, the other couple are relatively new to RV retirement travel and are anxious to fill their boots.

Traveling with others is exciting and the fact that as a group we have similar interests should make for a fun trip. We traveled with one of the couples a couple of years ago and our experience was great.


Of  course with any trip there is preparation, traveling with an RV definitely takes more time to prepare than an air travel vacation. The RV and/or the tow vehicle need attention prior to departure.

Probably similar to air travel, all systems need to be serviced and checked for smooth operation. Our travel trailer is stored at our daughter's home, where it serves as our accommodation when we visit our family in the area.

The pint size Dictator, a mellow moment with Grama

Preparing for this trip is a bit more complicated because we are looking after our 2 1/2 year old granddaughter while her parents are away on a brief vacation. Nap time, early mornings or evenings are filled with pre-trip chores that cannot be accomplished when the pint size dictator is roaming about.

Finally we are ready to leave and I do believe Gramma is exhausted, (she has actually fallen asleep on the couch as I am writing this at – 3pm).

The worst of the work is over and once we arrive at the travel trailer most of Lynda's work is done, just stowing clothes and dry goods and canned goods in their proper niches is left………for her.

For me, however, I have a little more to do, preparing the trailer for the trip, unfortunately the job is more work than I had thought.

Our Trailer at our daughter's place.

Once we arrive at the trailer I realized that I had made a bobo. In my infinite wisdom I had neglected to cover the trailer and because of the overhanging trees, the roof was covered in dead leaves.


My thought,…. when we arrived home from our spring trip, was not to cover the trailer because it wasn't going to sit idle for long , just the summer, in early fall we would be traveling again. How many leaves would drop from the trees during the summer?  …… Thousands!!

The leaves had badly stained the vinyl roof of our almost new travel trailer. Lots of scrubbing in store for me.

The other items to take care of before hitting the road are, sanitizing the fresh water tank – a cup of chlorine bleach in the tank, fill with water and let stand overnight, drain and fill a couple of times. The 2 – 6 deep cycle RV batteries – check acid levels and top up, and clean terminals. Check tires and pressure, check wheel lug nuts and grease wheel bearings.

I had previously serviced my pickup truck for the trip. Oil and filter change, lube job, brakes, lights etc. Just a transmission service and we are ready.

 The Pacific Coast ………….Here We Come.

LA beach
California Pacific coast

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