Our Great North American RV Tour – Our Itinerary

RV Traveling Sunset
RV Traveling Sunset
Our Great North American Tour will cover about 30,000 kilometers, 20,000 miles and more than 7 months. Because we are Canadians we are limited to 6 months in the US in a 12 month period.
A timely entrance into the US is critical in order to enjoy warm weather during the winter and not need to return home too soon. The Plan is to cross into the US near the beginning of October and exit the US to Canada 6 months less a day.
Our goal is to seek out free camping along the trip. As I mentioned in my previous article, there are many internet resources to help. Our favorite is “Boondockers Welcome” an organization of fellow RVers who offer free camping on their property.
Our group has used Boondockers Welcome often while traveling, an excellent way to save money and gain knowledge of the area from the hosts.
Click on the Boondocker Welcome to the left of the page to check it out.
As I mentioned in my previous article our group from western Canada, so it was not necessary on this trip to spend time exploring areas we have had the pleasure to see in the past.
For those who have not seen western Canada especially British Columbia, it is the most beautiful area of the country. BC has everything for the RV traveler, rugged coastline, huge snow-capped mountain ranges, picturesque lakes and rivers and enticing valleys.
The Rocky Mountains on the border of BC and Alberta alone is worth the trip. A lifetime of exploring awaits you in one of the most beautiful destinations in the world.
During planning our adventure I limited our daily travel time to 4 to 6 hours, add a lunch break, one or two fuel stops, and a couple of rest stops it becomes a full day.
Our morning departure times vary depending on whether we need to travel in rush hour traffic or not. If our route begins in the countryside we often leave earlier 7 or 8, however, if a city and morning rush hour begins our day a later start works better 9 or 10 once rush hour has subsided.
Our group has saved hundreds on overnight camping, Boondockers Welcome Host do not charge and usually supply power, water and often free wi-fi. Probably the best advantage is the local knowledge and attractions we would have missed.
A bit about our itinerary, first is the day we arrive, second its the destination, third is the driving time to the destination, last is the camping venue.
Also, for security reasons I deleted the names and addresses of our “Boondocker Welcome” hosts.
Canada  2017 Itinerary
Aug. 29 – Valemount BC – 5 hrs – free camping beside post office
Aug. 30 – Vegreville, Alberta – 5 hrs Walmart
Aug. 31 – N. Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. 5 hrs 18 min – Walmart
Sept. 1 – Riding Mountain National Park and Wasagaming campground Manitoba 5 hrs 10 min. Stop in Roblin, Manitoba Ralph’s birth town.
Sept. 2 – 3 – Sioux Narrows, Ontario – 6 ½ hrs Tomahawk RV Resort  – A day off…….. hurrah.
Sept. 4 – Thunderbay, Ontario 5 ½ hrs – Walmart
Sept. 5 – Lake Superior Provincial Park, Rabbit Blanket Campground, Ontario 5 hrs 17 min.
Sept. 6 – Sudbury, Ont. – 4 1/2 hrs – Walmart
Sept. 7-8 – Dorchester, Ontario. 5 hrs – Allyson’s cousins.
Sept 9 -11- Boondocker Host – Twinholm, Oakville, Ontario – 1.5 hrs – Day trips to Toronto & Niagara Falls.
Sept. 12 – 13 – Boondocker Host – Mississippi Mills, Ontario – 4.5 hrs. Day trips to Ottawa, Canadian Parliament, Rideau Canal
Sept. 14 -15 – Boondocker Host – Granby, Quebec – 3.5 hrs – Day trips to Montreal, Old Town Montreal
Sept. 16-17 – Boondocker Host – St. Edouard de Lotbiniere, Quebec – 2 hrs – Day trips to Quebec City, Plains of Abraham, The Citadel.
Sept. 18 – 19 –  Boondocker Host – Miramichi, New Brunswick – 6 ½ hrs – Atlantic Lobster
Sept. 20 – 21 – Boondcoker Host –  Morell, Prince Edward Island – 3.5 hrs – explore the island.
Sept. 22 – 25 – Shubie Campground – Dartmouth, Nova Scotia – 3.5 hrs – explore Halifax, Peggy’s Cove, Lunenburg, Bay of Fundy Tides
Sept. 26 –  Arm of Gold Campground – North Sydney, Nova Scotia
Sept. 27 – Ferry to Port aux Basque, Newfoundland – Truck & Trailer under 60 feet & 2 passengers $980 Canadian dollars return trip -5 -7 hrs ferry ride.
Newfoundland Itinerary
Sept. 27 – Stevensville, Newfoundland –  Walmart 2 hrs from ferry terminal Port aux Basques.
Sept. 28 – Terra Nova Provincial Park – 6 hrs
Sept. 29 – Pippy Park campground – St. John’s Newfoundland – 3 hrs – Explore St. Johns – Irish pubs, Signal Hill
Sept. 30 – Terra Nova Provincial Park via Irish Loop, Avalon Peninsula coastline.
Oct. 1- 2 Gros Morn Provincial Park turned north off highway 1 – 6 hrs.
Oct. 3 – Grand Codroy campground – 3 hrs
Oct. 4 – Port aux Basque – ferry to North Sidney 2hrs – Arm of Gold Campground.
Oct. 5 – Sussex, New Brunswick – Walmart 5 ½ hrs.
Oct. 6 – Oxford, Maine, USA – Oxford Casino. 6 hrs.
That takes us to the end of our Canadian tour, next article will be the US.

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