Our Fall RV Trip – Cahiulla Lake, S. California

11-2-15 to 11-09-15 Lake Cahuilla (23)
Cahuilla Lake from a hiking trail

Our first full day seemed slow for everyone, I guess after the previous days events (the accident) and 10 days of frequent traveling it was nice to kick back. The only pressing matter was to replenish our fresh water tanks.
I guess during the previous days craziness ‘H’ and ‘R’ had missed replenishing their tanks upon arriving at the campsite before dropping their 5th wheels at our random dry camping sites.

This presented a interesting opportunity to try out my new fresh water bladder that I had ordered from Amazon before we left on our trip. I gathered my hose and water filter from the storage compartment of our trailer. ‘H’ drove his pickup to the water tap a short distance from our rigs.

I unpacked the bladder, unfolded it onto the top of the storage box behind ‘H’s cab. We connected the hose to the tap and the bladder and filled the 30 gal bladder.

11-2-15 to 11-09-15 Lake Cahuilla (6)
‘R’, ‘H’ & myself in the back of “H”s pickup running water from the badder into ‘H’ 5th wheel

My trailer was the first to be filled with the bladder, unfortunately it did not go as well as I had anticipated. For some reason the water would not flow. My trailer does not have a conventional refilling opening, it only has a city water hose connection.

It seemed that there was not enough pressure to open the one way valve that was obviously put in place to prevent the fresh water rv pump from pumping water out of the trailer onto the ground.

I removed the inside access panel to the water pump and the water lines, it seemed to be a weird design. The water line from the hose connection outside made a sharp right hand upward turn for about 4 inches just inside the trailer.

This design was not conducive to gravity water flow. I hooked up my spare water 12 volt pump which did the trick, we filled my tank. My theory is that if we had raised the bladder higher the water would flow with more pressure opening the check valve,……….. fingers crossed.

We filled the other’s tanks with the bladder on the roof of ‘H’s pickup it worked fine and provided plenty of flow.

11-2-15 to 11-09-15 Lake Cahuilla (19)
Taking out my frustrations on some poor fire wood.
 The Area

The Palm Springs area is normally sunny and warm but the wind can increase at any time causing less than ideal conditions. This was the case for the next night the wind was gusting close to 50 mph, fortunately we were pretty much prepared and only lost some of our outdoor items. ‘H’ took a walk to the east fence bordering the park that had trapped a few not so precious items which he retrieved.

11-2-15 to 11-09-15 Lake Cahuilla (25)
Cahuilla Lake from the hiking trails

The wind blew so hard that ‘R’ insisted his 5th wheel moved slightly, he is probably right, we all were rockin’ and rollin’ through the night. The wind continued for the next couple of days although not as strong as that night. The sun shone almost everyday which made the wind tolerable.

Wednesday the 2nd day after arriving the women shopped for supplies and us men took the thirty mile trek to check on my truck, thanks to ‘R’ for driving. I bought lunch on the return trip as a thanks.

We picked up a few items from my truck, I was a bit concerned because my quads were still on the back snowmobile deck and sitting in the back lot of the dealership, although a person would need to make a jump like Evil Knevil to unload each quad.

The ATVs on the snowmobile deck

The serviceman was not around, apparently out to lunch, so I asked if he would call when he returned, he did. They were waiting for a part.

While hanging around ‘H’ & ‘R’ discovered free popcorn and then on the return trip another astonishing find, free ice cream bars…….I was glad they were able to amuse themselves while we were waiting.

Things were not progressing as fast as I hoped, the service man indicated it would probably not be ready until the following afternoon or Friday morning.

11-2-15 to 11-09-15 Lake Cahuilla (21)
Lynda ‘L’ & Buddy hiking, picture by ‘A’

By Thursday the wind had pretty much quit, the sun was shining, the temperature had climbed into the mid seventies. This combination lead to a relaxing day, of hiking, reading, splitting fire wood.

We made the trek again on Friday even though the serviceman said he would call before I should come. We took the chance and although we had to wait and hour or so and enjoy free ice cream, all was fine in the end.

During my last visit I had a chance to talk to the mechanic who was performing the repairs on my truck, I asked him if he had any theories as to the cause of my wheel separating from my truck. He simply stated “RUST”, and continued with his work.

Muddy truck
This is not to much of an exaggeration of our road in the spring and fall.

That made some sense to me, our 25 mile gravel road to our lake has caused substantial rust build up on the underside of my truck, and obviously the rust must have caused one or more lug nuts on the rear of my truck to loosen or even weaken and then shear off causing the wheel to fall off the truck.

The required repairs were to replace the left rear hub, brake system, park brake, rear wheel and lug nuts & bolts on both rear wheel hubs.

It’s a huge relief to have wheels again.

I think we take our vehicles for granted or at least I do because when something happens and I am without my own vehicle I feel somewhat trapped, I guess? Maybe it’s just a man thing?

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11-2-15 to 11-09-15 Lake Cahuilla (18)
The new invention, soft taco with hard shell taco inside, yumm.

Saturday was another relaxing day and then Sunday the day before travel was spent leisurely packing and chatting.

The week at Cahuilla Lake was OK but would have been much better for everyone if ‘the problem’ had not happened, but I guess it is time to let it go and get on with our adventure.

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