Our amazing north American rv tour – the trip home

I have not posted in awhile…..life seemed to catch up with me. Several events in my life kept me occupied.

After leaving northern Florida and traveling along the Gulf of Mexico we continued along highway I-10 through Texas, New Mexico and finally Arizona.

We arrived in Florence, Arizona and our Desert Gardens RV Park lot on February 21 st. The plan was to spend the duration of the winter until around the end of April here for some well deserved R & R.

Unfortunately, after just a week Lynda and I received an alarming call a nephew had passed away from his own hand.

We quickly packed up and headed home.

After more than a year it is time to continue with my conclusion of our fantastic North American tour. By the time we arrived back home in British Columbia, Canada, the group had traveled more than 20,000 miles (30,000 kilometers) for more than 6 months.

When we left the plan was to drive not more than 4 to 6 hours on driving days and to spend as much time as needed at each stop to enjoy the sights sounds and flavors of the area.

Our route took us across Canada from the west coast to the east coast. Most of the group had traveled the western provinces so when planning we decided to waste no time getting to our first rest in western Ontario.

From here there were several cities and attraction we wanted to see like Old Montreal, Old Quebec City, Niagara Falls, the Maritime Provinces, and Newfoundland before crossing the US border into Maine and continuing south along the US east coast.

One of the best advantages of traveling with a group is the diverse interests of the individuals. When planning

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