Our Alaskan RV Tour – Day 32 – Raven Lake to Watch Lake

Raven Lake, BC Provincial Recreation Site - free camping
Raven Lake, BC Provincial Recreation Site – free camping
Day 32 – The last day at Raven Lake
Cloud cover and showers overnight, a warmer night than the previous two. By morning the shower subsided. We decided on rain gear for this morning’s venture onto the lake.
I was the hero this AM landing three beauties before the winds pick up and the skies opened hurling torrents of rain, lucky for the rain gear. Time to call it a day, it seemed even the fish didn’t care for the weather.
We motored to the boat dock dropping Ralph and me to fetch the truck and boat trailer.
By the time we loaded the boat, put on the travel cover and parked it back at camp the rain quit letting us enjoy another evening around the campfire.
As I write this I’m reflecting back on our luck, trying to recall how many evenings we were forced to endured rain during happy hour. Only twice that I remember.
The happy hour gods truly smiled on us this trip!
The final total of fish brought back to camp at Raven lake was 21 almost an equal split between rainbows and brook trout.
Raven Lake BC - Brook Trout
Raven Lake BC – Brook Trout
Day 33 – Off to Watch Lake
Another traveling day, no rain overnight. We woke to high clouds and sun. A heavy mist covered the lake and a light frost blanketed our camp.
All seemed normal until I tried to start my truck in preparation to leave Raven Lake. My truck batteries were very weak, not enough power to start the old girl (truck).
It’s times like these I thank the gods for friends, there are many reasons to travel with others, a convenient helpful hand is just one.
Not that I would be dead in the water. Lynda and I have traveled many miles by ourselves. When we travel alone, especially off the beaten path, I take extra precautions to prevent a minor inconvenience from snowballing into a major situation.
Even when we travel with others I bring some basic equipment in case something like this happens. I brought jumper cables, a generator and a battery charger with a starting booster.
A breakdown while traveling in the wilderness can become complicated, cell service may be spotty or non-existent. The chance of another vehicle happening by is less and a tow truck or other types of assistance may take hours to arrive.
The bottom line, even though you cannot predict what problems may arise, being prepared could help solve the issue.
Ralph pulled his truck close to mine and attached the jumper cables, a turn of the key and the engine roared to life sending a sign of relief through the group.
I’m not sure what caused the problem. The truck batteries normally disconnect from the camper battery system through a solenoid (automatic switch) when the ignition key is turned off.
The solenoid must have malfunctioned and didn’t open the switch allowing the camper appliances (lights, furnace, etc.) to drain the truck batteries or my batteries are getting old?
I will monitor the system until we return home. A voltage check of the truck batteries the next morning will indicate if the solenoid is working. It may have been a one-of situation.
My battery issue was a minor delay, we were on the road in no time.
A typical fall day with high clouds and filtered sunshine. Providing a pleasant drive from Raven Lake to Watch Lake, our next destination. A quick stop at the Williams Lake Stampede Grounds RV dump and a fuel stop before heading to 100 Mile  House.
100 Mile House is a good size town, a good place to replenish supplies ready for our next and last stop on the trip. The insurance on my truck is also due, time to renew.
The good part about the BC provincial government insurance, you can buy it anywhere in the province.
Ace High Resort - Watch lake BC
Ace High Resort – Watch lake BC
 We arrived at Ace High Resort on Watch Lake around 1 pm. Henry and Allyson suggested this lake, they have enjoyed good fishing here, Allyson bagged a 7-pound rainbow last season.
I was looking forward to breaking Allyson’s record. Even though we’ve been blessed with great fishing, landing a large fish would be a fantastic way to end the trip.
Ace High Resort - Watch Lake BC
Ace High Resort – Watch Lake BC – Our camping spots
Ace High Resort has only a dozen or so camp spots with full hookups charging from $28. per night. The rest of the resort consists of rental cabins and strata lots, privately owned camping spots.
Ace High Resort - Watch lake BC
Ace High Resort – Camping common area behind our spots
Watch Lake is a resort community with houses and cabins crowding the lake shore save for a few farms on the north side. The lake is ‘L’ shaped about 4 kilometers long and about 1 kilometer wide.
Ace High Resort - docks - Watch Lake BC
Ace High Resort – docks – Watch Lake BC
Once camp was set Ralph, Henry and I launched the boat and prepared for a fishing afternoon. We loaded the boat with gear and headed out.
A pleasant afternoon, Henry landed two rainbows, Ralph and me not as lucky, no fish for us today.
We ended the day, as usual, with happy hour and a community dinner of BBQed steak, and all the trimmings.
After dinner, most of the group took advantage of hot showers, $1 for 5 minutes. It had been several days since our last shower, some of the group except for me were beginning to attract flys.
Sunset at Watch Lake BC
Sunset at Watch Lake BC
Day 34 – The trip is winding down
A showery morning greeted us as the group enjoyed morning coffee and a community breakfast of eggs, hash brown potatoes and leftover steak. A great breakfast.
The showers gave way to a cool cloudy day. The guys and I headed out for a morning fish with no luck, not even a bite.
Watch Lake afternoon cruise
Watch Lake afternoon cruise
The sun appeared for the afternoon. We decided to skip the afternoon fish and charter the resort’s pontoon boat for a group cruise. A pleasant afternoon touring the lake and checking out the various cabins and houses dotting the shoreline.
 An afternoon touring the lake, followed by our last happy hour and fish fry, nice way to end our trip. Tomorrow we head home, a five-hour drive.
Watch Lake BC sunset
Watch Lake BC sunset
My next article, the conclusion of ‘Our Alaska RV Tour’ my recommendations.
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