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The Best RV Book of the Year    

” Suspense”  “Thrilling”  “Hilarious”

“This book will keep you glued to your chair”

“I was riveted,  I missed my bus stop,” writes Laurie from Princeton.

“Amazing stories,”  writes Marcia from RV Magazine.
“Wow what a writer,” says Lynda from Missezula Lake .
               Our RV Travel Tales book cover

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US                             Canada

A well written collection of 5 short stories that will entertain and engulf you. These true stories are intense, “The Hell Truck”,……… suspenseful, “The River”………….and hilarious, “A Too Close Encounter” , “The Quartzsite Book Store”, & “A Day In The Life of a Retired RVer”.

A quality book like this normally sells for 5 times the price. Get Your Copy Today Before the Price Increase  – On Sale for Just $3.99 no tax

             A great gift idea


The Snowbird’s Guide 

Written by Snowbirds

“10 Years in Development ,”writes the Authors
A practical guide for Snowbirds and other travelers with help planning and preparing  for vacations  and extended trips. A decade in development without the fluff of other travel books.
“A Great Help” says Gerard from Chilliwack


US                        Canada

Written by real life Snowbirds containing specific checklists and advice on how to avoid the common pit falls of traveling.
This well written guide will help prepare any traveler to enjoy a happier and less stressful vacation.
On Sale now $2.99 no tax


The RV Buyers Guide

Read how 40 years of owning RVs will help you decide which RV model is right for you.

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A great gift idea.

Author Gord B.

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5 thoughts on “MY New RV Kindle Books – from $4.99”

    1. Yes we travel in an RV, we started with a class ‘A’ motor home and then downsized to a travel trailer. You keep working hard and SMART Diana and you will get where you want.
      Thanks for connecting with me

  1. Hubby, Our Miniature Poodle, Bailey, and I Have Been ‘Living Hubby’s Dream’ of Full-Time RV’ing for 18 Months Now in Our 25′ 2006 Winnebago…It’s Been Fun, But Sometimes ‘Challenging’… LOL … We Have Been Married for 48 Years and LAST Summer Was THE 1st Time We ‘Needed’ Marital Counseling…Funny ‘Now’, But SO ‘NOT Funny’ Then… 🙁
    ♡ Kathy ♡

    1. Thanks for your story. I am so glad you have worked things out, it take special people to get along in such close quarters. My wife and I although we don’t full time, we are together 24/7 since retirement. We travel for 4-6 months at a time and no matter how big our rig is it starts to close in.
      Would you mind it I published your story on my site and if you have any other stories I would love if you shared them with me.
      Thanks Kathy

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