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RVing can create great times & memories

It’s spring, some of us are considering investing thousands in an RV. Before you take the plunge educate yourself with the “RV Buyers Guide”.

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Read how 40 years of owning RVs will help you decide which RV model is right for you.

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Choosing an RV is a complicated task, there are so many models and sizes to choose from. If you have never owned an RV the task could be confusing and frustrating.

Lynda and I have owned RV’s for over 40 years, during our time we’ve owned most models from a small tent trailer to a large 36 ft. class ‘A’ motorhome.

In this book, “The RV Buyers Guide”, I’ve put together our knowledge about each model to help you decide which one best suits you.

Whether you are contemplating RVing with the family for weekend excursions and the annual family vacation, or you’re retired and considering traveling in your RV or maybe considering an upgrade there is plenty of information in this book for you.

In this book I cover which RV model will be best suited for touring the country in and out of cities and traveling the interstates. Which model would be best for snowbird travels and which model would work best for boondocking.

If you are the weekend warrior type and the need to camp in the wilds with your toys, I point out the good and bad of toy haulers, the sizes and models.

I have outlined prices of each model and which model gives the best bang for your hard earned buck.

Besides the money saving, I point out the advantages of buying a used RV vs a new one, and the best resource for buying used.

I discuss warranties and extended warranties, the good the bad and the ugly.

Whatever type of RVing is in your blood and in your plans I have a recommendation for you.

Our over 40 years of Rving experience shows through in this well written guide.

For less than a fancy coffee you can own this great guide to choosing which RV model is right for you.

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